Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do not dismiss spark plug wires on car care

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An car ignition system consists of spark plugs, CDI, or often called platinum and coils. Among the three, there is one more component that is sometimes not really noticed the spark plug wires. Spark plug wire serves as a conductor of electric current generated by the coil to the spark plug so that the spark plug capable of heating meletikkan sparks to burn a mixture of gasoline and air in the combustion chamber.

Because of its function as a conductor that is, the spark plug wires that used to be good quality so that ignition takes place smoothly. Spark plug wires have a certain size that must be met. To ensure the quality penghantarannya, spark plug wires are good when measured by avometer be full. Number is about 150 micro farads. Delivery should be a nice addition, wrapping the cord should be fine, heat resistant and not easily torn. It is recommended that vehicle owners choose a cable that read High Power Resistance.

High resistance power cable is more heat resistant than others. The price is quite varied. Cable is not good sometimes to make a car engine faltering. The effect is almost the same as when the spark plugs disturbed.

In addition to the spark plug wires, spark plug replacement should also be noted the time. Usually if you have not been damaged, the owner did not want to change. Though normally a distance of approximately 150,000 km. If in the official service usually 6 months to be replaced. Spark plug replacement is recommended in unison so that engine performance is not limping. At least half of the required number of spark plugs should be replaced simultaneously.

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