Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Olivia Wilde Handling Her Divorce Well

It is indeed not often that you get to hear how someone a divorce titled as helpful. But it is precisely in this positive light seems to Dr. House -Beauty Olivia Wilde (27) for divorce from her husband Tao Ruspoli (35) to see.

In an interview with the magazine Marie Claire she chatted now out of school. She said: "I met my husband at the age of 18 years. Since then I've spent time with him at my side. He loved me and always took care of me. But I think it is also very important to spend time alone in his life. Finally, you need to know how it feels to be alone and do not always define themselves through another person to have. " Olivia is also the belief that they let this situation stronger and harder at the same time and they could learn something from it. This they justified by saying: ". I have a feeling that all this leaves me to be a caring people and perhaps even a better actress," And not only Olivia even seems to notice a change in her person.

The inventor, Dr. House, David Shore (52), this seems to feel equally and noted sarcastically that Miss Wilde but should get divorced each year, please, because it would do her career good. The reason why they are so solved in dealing with the issue of divorce is, could it be related that she and her husband Tao made ​​a joint decision to separate, because they had simply evolved in to different directions. Olivia told that they separated from love and still friends are. She revealed: "I do not think simply that love has to be hard work. Life is too short. " However, the single life for Olivia now any easier. You yourself know that everyone is waiting for the announcement of their separation only that they will meet with a man and you can start the machinery of the rumor-spreading. But as well-known actress, she now must learn to handle it properly also.

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