Thursday, July 21, 2011

Britney Spears Farts And The Stench Is Ungodly

Despite their hard-fought comeback , the glory shines again cast a shadow over the pop princess Britney Spears throw (29). Already in the last year ranged Fernando Flores (29) a lawsuit for sexual harassment against the mother of two. Flores, who worked only for short time as Britney's bodyguard accused had the hit singer, he not only made ​​sexual advances, but that it would be her missing and hygiene. According When he complained to the court that he not only their Kettenraucherei, but was also exposed to one or the other pups from Britney. "She farted constantly to gepopelt serenely in the nose and was constantly loud and profane. She has neither a bath for days yet taken a deodorant, not brushed her teeth, combed her hair let alone not worn socks or shoes. " That sounds like some games to one after-bred girl from Louisiana. It seems as though once someone's own merits try to pull out the name Spears. Who knows but one or the other section, the private video footage of Britney, would know that the singer is in spite of VIP status only human.

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