Monday, July 18, 2011

Easy Tips to Care Car Batteries

Car Batteries
FOLLOWING are some guidelines to treat a car battery. Car Care Tips Battery Check regularly the condition of battery acid (if you're wearing wet battery). If the indicator states the lack of water, immediately add the battery acid in accordance with the measuring, before the car is turned on in the morning. Battery acid should have always maintained between the sign of low-level and upper level (usually indicated on the side of the battery).

If you are under the low-level immediately added, and the maximum at the upper level line. Because, battery acid works to help cool the battery cells. If battery acid is reduced, the cells inside the battery may become deformed (curved).

Once filled with special water battery charger, set aside some time, just turn on your car. Periodically also please check the battery terminals (positive and negative). Check whether there is corrosion or not. Corrosion can be cleaned by spraying hot water on both terminus.

If you want to turn off the car, please turn off the first electrical components, such as outside lights, air conditioning, radio / tape, CDs, phone charger, and others. If the car will not be used in a long time, off the negative terminal on your battery.

Head of the battery is removed it so wrapped in cloth, to keep the negative terminal is not in contact with the body of the car. Every 3 months, if you visit to the workshop, please do check the condition of electrical charging of the car.

Age Car Batteries is usually one year. Can more than 1 year old, but it depends on maintenance of the vehicle owner.

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