Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lindsey Lohan: "Is What I Have Done So Bad?"

It 'became the ultimate bad girl of American showbiz. Actress and singer but for some time now Lindsay Lohan is talked about for his excesses with alcohol, drugs and even incidents of theft. She speaks to " Vanity Fair "in October and says he wants to resume his career:" I want to be an actress and I'm good - -. Then what did I say terrible, I have not hurt anyone but myself " .

The photos taken for Vanity is first made ​​during the last days under house arrest at his home in Los Angeles. From 2007 to present, has spent more time in court that on the set, after an incident and two arrests - 84 minutes in jail in 2007 and 13 days in 2010 - for driving while intoxicated and possession of cocaine , which have resulted in three years probation, a requirement to follow a program to recover from addiction to alcohol and drugs and ten days of volunteer work in social services. Sull ' accusation of theft of the necklace Lindsay proclaims his innocence: "I did not steal the necklace. I chose not to declare guilty or innocent, or (in the American judicial system is called no contest, and serves to avoid prosecution in exchange for a reduced sentence ed), otherwise I risked going to jail without, once again, doing absolutely nothing. She saw my jewels: it seems that I need to go around to steal? ".

Now try to look to the future : "I can finally leave the house, and immediately begin to pay the volunteer reception center for women that are here Los Angeles. It is a place where women can try to rebuild their lives. Too bad there are also children: I would like to work with them, they are my passion. " And the career ? "At the end of August will end voluntary, and in October I will begin to work. I hope to spend the next year on the set. When I was in, I found myself sitting next to women who had killed someone. Unless you are a killer I do not see a reason to be there. I have never hurt anyone but myself. All through periods not. I'm struggling to get out. And I have enough courage to do so in public. "

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