Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marianne James: Summer of Girls

Virtually disappeared from the small screen since Lio was succeeded in 2008 as a juror of "Idol," Marianne James finds temporary TV shows.

Uncomplicated symbol of femininity, it will be in charge, every Tuesday evenings "Girls Of Summer." Each time a movie or a concert, and two documentaries about famous women, will be released.

For the baptism of fire Tuesday, July 5, "8 Women", starring Catherine Deneuve, followed by a documentary on the cheerleaders and another dedicated to the musical groups of girls.

The interest of the program is also in the provision of Marianne James. The moderator will do what she loves most of all, the show. She will play each time a character related to the theme of the evening. Example: "On the issue of August 30, I will be naked behind a large pink fan," she said to "Téléstar."

What put a little touch of madness on this channel called serious. But the presence of Marianne James is not by chance, Arte especially seemed to enjoy the ex-jurors to "Idol." Philippe Manoeuvre had been in effect during 2009 and 2010 "Summer Of The 80's" and "Summer Of The 60's" on the Franco-German channel. As for Manu Katche, there is a music program, "One Shot Not".

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