Saturday, July 2, 2011

Charlize Theron: Against Marriage

One and a half years, one of Hollywood's most attractive ladies separated after nine years of relationship with actor Stuart Townsend. Since then, Charlize Theron in the male world was not to find them. The Oscar-winning actress ("Monster") took their destiny in hand now.

How much she is tired of being alone, familiar to the 35-year-old U.S. presenter Piers Morgan. More or less desperate, they explained in his talk show. Men listen up, an announcement can hardly be clearer: "I'm single and I need a man!"

When the "Sexiest Woman Alive 2007" during a polo game last May, chatted with the nine years younger than Prince Harry, was imputed to her at once a romance. Charlize now made it clear: "I do not date him. I date his passion with which he pursues his work. "She was referring to his commitment to charity.

Candidates should please not make too many hopes, the beautiful one to get under the hood. Charlize preferred (more recently) a "ring-free" relationship: "I aim for a long term relationship. . Marriage is not important to me, but I understand that there is this other "Asked if not at some point come before the altar, a passage in question, she replied:" Yes. My relationship feels like a marriage. "

Charlize was engaged to Stuart after all. After their separation, said one of her friends: "They are more brother and sister than lovers. They eventually made it over. "

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