Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian: It Girl

Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest it-girls at the moment. The hype about her wedding dress almost reached proportions as for the wedding of Kate Middleton . We show you how with her ​​hinbekommt Make Up by Guerlain is the perfect Kim Kardashian look!

To achieve the style of Kim Kardashian, is our special recommendation Guerlain Fall 2011 Makeup Collection. The Guerlain Fall 2011 Collection explores the dark colors of autumn and the night - making it perfect for the smokey eyes look on and Kim Kardashian is. Especially the Fall 2011 Guerlain eyeshadow palettes, each with four different shades are perfectly matched in Nachstylen Kim Kardashian's makeup is a real help.

Especially the pallets' Les Gris "and" Les Noirs "from the Guerlain Fall 2011 Collection are perfect for the classic smokey eyes style that Kim Kardashian does the queen of the night. Who likes it more exciting, who can look the same but reapplication with a colorful eye shadow, some in green and dark blue. The make up of Kim Kardashian it does, to surround the eyes with a dark death, love and generous (especially at the lower eyelid should not miss the dark eye shadow). In the inner corners of her eyes helps a bright gold-tone for a special highlight. Finally, the eyes are provided rundm with black eyeliner. For this style fit particularly well lipsticks and lip gloss in nude and beige tones, otherwise it acts quickly on makeup.

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