Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eva Mendes Trains Her Dogs In French

Eva Mendes reveals that they teach their dogs commands in French.

Eva Mendes talks to her dog in French. The 38-year-old actress trained their Malinois Hugo - a Belgian shepherd dog - in the language of love, but fears that they therefore could hold for "smug". "He is Belgian and all his commands are in French, "says the silver screen beauty, whose parents are Cuban. "If I'm traveling with him, I hear myself on blasé terrible because I am not French, but call in French." She also says that the four-legged friend is the love of her life. While Mendes likes engrossed in their work, they do not like to divulge further details about their future plans. "I have a feeling that if I share these things, I in some way devalue, especially in an industry where everyone is talking about his next project," she told the website 'WWD' and adds: "I prefer to talk about concrete things. " Before the camera, meanwhile, the actress plays like "faulty" characters - as in her next film 'See If I Care', also seen in the Patricia Arquette is. ".. I play a troubled mother who's really nothing I'm always looking for faulty characters I prefer to play them -. Everyone has faults, everyone is human"

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