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Car Reviews Suzuki Splash GL

Test Model GL Suzuki Splash
  • Power 85 hp
  • Torque 113 Nm
  • 0-100 14.3 seconds kpj
  • Fuel consumption is 12.1 MPA
  • 80-0 kpj 26.6 meters

We like

We do not like
- Attenuation suspension
- Setting the manual mirror

Splash try to get into the middle of the city car market so far dominated by manufacturing which had already ruled on that segment, such as KIA, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and Suzuki himself (with Karimun Estilo). Splash fortune will be tested in this class, because the city car market has a pretty tight competition.

Suzuki claims the Splash is a mini MPV and targeted to meet the needs of young families a stylish and energetic. The compact shape is claimed to provide several advantages such as agile in the face of the narrow road, traffic density, and limited parking space. Another advantage is that fuel consumption is frugal with power haul five passengers.

Suzuki Splash GL Design and Engineering

Suzuki Splash claims designed a high level of salvation, through the use of frameworks Body TESS (Total Effective Strength Structure), to protect passengers from side impact standards and provide salvation better Headlamp dominated large chandelier plus multi-reflector as light steering.

Splash is the main lights feature 5-leveling adjusters. Operation of this feature is quite easy, a knob placed on the right side of the driver and you just adjust the focus of radiation. Remarkably, this feature is not shared by other products in its class.

Swift's influence was strong aura of Splash. The second car was built from the same platform, and has a size that is not much different. Just for comparison, Splash has a length (3715 mm) and Swift (3755 mm). Splash widths (1680 mm) and Swift (1690 mm). High Splash (1618 mm) and Swift (1510 mm). The steering wheel, Splash (2360 mm) and Swift (2.390mm). Both cars have the same turning radius of 4.7 m.

Although designed for young people, after all Splash is also equipped with childproof door lock. These devices provide the extra security for children. Simply move the button from free to lock, the door can only be opened from the outside. In addition, the Splash is equipped immobilizer and alarm, which automatically matches the key code when the engine started.

Suzuki provides a Splash in two options, namely the type of Standards and GL. The difference found in audio systems, tires, wheels, and security alarm (on the GL type.) Manufacturing bearing the "S" is also providing an accessory package officially labeled SGA (Suzuki Genuine Accessories). Here, consumers can beautify Splash in two models, the Splash and Splash Spoty Elegant.

Suzuki Splash GL Interior

Splash designed space in the field at the head room and leg room. With the distance on the back that is 94 cm and 52 cm, the passengers can feel comfortable driving. While the front has the leg room 44 cm and 63 cm and 98 cm head room. Splash has a capacity of five passengers, with luggage space that is roomy enough class.

In an upright rear seats, luggage capacity of 213 liters and when folded seat capacity increased to 562 liters. Other storage unit contained in doortrim bag for 500 ml bottles. Then there is the cupholder in the console floor for 750 ml bottles. Then there is the drawer on the dashboard that allows you to store books and other small objects.

The design is simple and tidy seats, adding to the impression of space. Unfortunately, seats made from this fabric does not have a height adjuster, making it difficult to reach the ideal driver. You also will not find a converter circuit steering angle (tilt steering), while the mirrors are still operated manually. Even so, the pieces are relatively wide windshield provides a satisfactory quality of vision.

In outline, the interior Splash influenced by the Mini Cooper. Retro tachometer apart from the speedometer looks very striking. Gear shifts are made one with the center console, wrapped in silver accent in order to strengthen the sporty image. Black-silver alloy and hints of digital models of fuel (fuel bar), more and strengthen the retro accents.

Unfortunately, the form of air conditioning control panel with a simple swivel system slightly injuring the overall dashboard design. This design concept was contrary to the head unit which has a range of sophisticated features such as CD player, MP3, USB, and aux-in iPod.

Suzuki Splash GL Performance

Under the hood stored bermaterial aluminum engine, coded K12M, 4-cylinder, 1197 cc, DOHC, which also will be used by R3 Suzuki concept car (MPV 7-seater is expected to be marketed in Indonesia). It burst the K series engine power 85 hp and 113 Nm of torque is transferred via a 5-speed manual transmission to the two front wheels.

Suzuki employ advanced drive-by-wire and sensor system ECM (electronics control module) to produce a more accurate engine performance and responsiveness. The combination of both is also able to give the valve opening arrangement of the gas pedal a more accurate, more optimal power, more fuel-efficient, and low CO2 emissions.

For now, the new Splash equipped with one type of transmission, namely 5-speed manual. In the eye of the composition between the gears, the Splash has a strong initial attraction (1st gear ratio of 3.545) and good enough in the middle speed (gear ratio 2nd 1.904, 3rd 1.280, 4th 0.914 and) where we see that the decrease in the ratio is still below single digits.

When the acceleration test, Splash kpj 000-100 record in 14.3 seconds and acceleration 0-402 meters in 19.4 seconds at the speed kpj 104.7. For medium acceleration or acceleration is needed when overtaking (overtaking), 60-80 kpj, Splash recorded 3.1 seconds and 80-100 kpj aksele-constellation, recorded 5.4 seconds. Nicks this acceleration is quite satisfying for a city car.

All variants have not used the ABS and EBD. Even so, the rate freeze was placed in ventilated discs front and drum rear. As a result, braking 80-0 kpj, Splash able to stop in 2.5 seconds with a distance of 26.6 meters.

Suzuki Splash GL Driving and control

Suzuki Splash is set up as a small vehicle to move swiftly in urban areas. Wheel well played and has good accuracy to get out in the middle of traffic density. Activities 'stop and go' can be done quickly, accurately, and do not hesitate impression in the eyes of other road users.

Meanwhile, on the bumpy roads and potholes, Splash can be controlled fairly well. In this case, Splash compete with the Kia Picanto is also good on the road berpengendalian bumpy. Splash steering wheel equipped with 'electronic power steering', embracing McPherson strut front suspension, spiral spring, and the back using the 'torsion beam' with a spiral spring.

Pedal-pedal has the right weight: not heavy and the clutch, and brake pedal feel communicative. The quality was assisted gear lever is so precise in every change of gear. We too easily take her aggressive move, although perhaps because the tiny dimensions sometimes "got intimidation" of a larger vehicle. Anticipate this, always apply the principle of driving safety.

Also, when crossing the road surface is wet does not cause anxiety like most driving a small car sebuh. Splash GL version we drove is used porfil 185/60 R15 tires.

With 170 mm ground clearance, under the car parts are not easily touch the bumpy road. Suzuki claims that this distance has been adjusted to the characters riding in Indonesia. Unfortunately, slamming the suspension feels hard when sliding in the range of 60-80 kpj, although it is redeemed with a good stability. Luckily, Splash did not lose comfort when I had to pass through the damaged streets.

Suzuki Splash GL Buying

And unforgettable is the exterior design that is fresh and charming, especially viewed from the rear. And most road users are assessing other cars when the convoy in the middle of traffic. Rear view any key role in shaping the image of a car. Splash also spread the charm of beautiful, interesting and slightly flirtatious. You like it?

Suzuki Splash GL Rating

By carrying out the philosophy of the Global Suzuki "Way Of Life" in its design, Splash has a character of European car design is a stylish, modern, and elegant. Compact body so that parking becomes easier and speeding down the highway so much fun.

Suzuki Splash mating the essential elements of a city car: the dimensions are small, practical, and dynamic. However, the interior feels spacious thanks to Splash remain high headroom and wide windshield. Unfortunately, for now Splash does not yet provide an automatic transmission option and mirror settings electrically.

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