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Car Reviews BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series that offers a smoother ride more friendly.

Test Model BMW 535i
  • Power 306 hp
  • Torque 400 Nm
  • 7 seconds * 0-100 kpj
  • Fuel consumption 8.3 MPA
  • 80-0 kpj 25.5 meters

We Like
  • Completion of design
  • Flexibility cabin
  • Performance
  • Comfortable ride

We do not like
  • Symptoms of understeer
  • Steering is too light
  • Loss of sporty character
Now, the sixth generation of the BMW 5 Series has been present. This luxury saloon is the work of the new BMW's chief designer, Adrian Van Hooydonk, who replaced Chris Bangle's controversial with BMW's product design revolution since the beginning of this decade. The difference with the previous generation (E60) is significant. The figure of the previous work of Chris Bangle appear more bold with lines and sharp corners that aggressively. Now, figure-coded F10 car look more dynamic with rounded curves that give the silhouette more sturdy but still soft. A design that seems too readily accepted by prospective customers in the premium class car.

Apart about design, it comes from other challenging technical rekasaya beneath his skin. Seven options are available mechanical heart is a new machine or actually experienced improvement, while 8-speed automatic transmission is a new option for all models. In Indonesia, PT BMW Indonesia offers a choice of three models, namely 535i, 528i, and 523i.

BMW 5 Series Design and Engineering

BMW's design team wanted the look of a BMW 5 Series a more charismatic, elegant, yet casual. At first glance, the BMW 5 Series provides the latest illustration of a Series-7 with a more petite figure Indeed, with consideration of production efficiency (the tendency of most of the manufacturers), the new BMW 5 Series is to share basic platforms with-7 Series, BMW 5 Series GT, and Series -6 will be present. The result is that the larger dimension, although compared to the Series-7, has been trimmed wheel axis distance of 100 mm. Even so, compared to its rival, the BMW 5 Series to be the longest in its class.

The basic construction used BMW 5 Series uses conventional monokok chassis, with body panels that combine steel and aluminum in the hood, front wing and door. Front suspension 'double wishbone' new and back 'multi-link' also combines a material made of steel with aluminum. Construction of foot-kai is used in the BMW 5 Series is similar to that of the Series-7.

In addition, the current BMW 5 Series also uses the 'power steering' that works electrically (Servotronic) as a standard feature that provides the driving characteristics are much lighter than the previous.

8-speed automatic transmission is the completeness in all variants of BMW 5 Series sold in Indonesia, but the 535i variants that we tested, the transmission has a sport mode (with different settings for setting a faster gear shift). Use 8-speed transmission was also included as part of the Efficient Dynamics program that brought BMW to conserve fuel usage. In addition, the depot spur line 6-cylinder 3.0 liter that is used also use the new Turbo TwinPower which allows to get more power with relatively small-capacity machines. The use of brakes to the features 'regenerative energy' was also part of the Efficient Dynamics concept that.

BMW 5 Series Interior

Dashboard BMW 5 Series is designed more focused for the driver because the center console has a slope of about seven degrees facing toward the driver. As a result, all the control buttons on the center console more accessible and easily viewed from the driver's side. Likewise iDrive knob is easy to reach by the left hand, with the view that was evident in the iDrive screen.

A unique, although the highest variance, 535i was not equipped with luxurious entertainment system in the ranks of BMW 5 Series. In our test 535i variant, entertainment systems rely LOGIC7 Professional HiFi system with 16 speakers including 'multi-channel power amplifier' Dolby Pro Logic 600 watt power. In addition, there is also a USB interface port to play music from portable storage media, and Bluetooth connectivity system to communicate via mobile phone. BMW 535i stated that the variant is designed to pamper owners with driving pleasure and feel the power of the BMW engine technology.

Sitting in the backseat of the BMW 5 Series feels more spacious. No wonder because of the increasing dimensions provides better flexibility in the back seat than the previous generation BMW 5 Series. Shoulder room and leg room with a silence larger cabin that is also good.

BMW 5 Series Performance

As a matter of target BMW 535i owners are those who want the pleasure of driving, I wonder if the 535i equipped with a new 6-cylinder engine line that promises great performance. 2979 cc engine capacity is provided also coded N55 energy booster called as TwinPower BMW Turbo. As a result, workers who spit reaches 306 hp at 5800 rpm rotation. Amazingly, a torque of 400 Nm available at 1200-5000 rpm.

535i N55 engine that carried the engine 6-cylinder in line first in the world that combines turbocharger technology, direct injection and variable valve management (which by BMW called Valvetronic). As a result, in line with the philosophy of BMW Efficient Dynamics, didapatkanlah fuel efficiency, maximum power, and a fun ride,

Ability BMW 5 Series also obtained thanks to the use of 8-speed automatic transmission is responsive, and has the ability to adapt to the driver's driving character. With STEPTRONIC mode and use 'paddle shift' behind the steering wheel, gear shift can be done according to the will of the driver. For best performance, we make the shift gear transmission in the range of engine speed that produces maximum torque, ie 1200-5000 rpm. As a result, acceleration 0-100 in 6.7 seconds taken kpj (BMW claims 6.1 seconds). While the medium acceleration test 80-120 kpj achieved in 4.0 seconds.

Unlike when driving that tends to relax, the transmission will choose a higher gear to make a positive contribution to fuel consumption. When we ran at speed 120 kpj, the needle spin machine was shown to 1950 rpm, in gear eight. No wonder if we were able to record numbers up to 11.0 MPA for combined fuel consumption (11.9 MPA BMW claims for the combination).

BMW 5 Series Driving and Control

For those of you who are familiar with the characteristics that tend to be hard driving BMW as part of the value of sportsmanship that has, this time will feel the opposite. Driving 535i so calm and comfortable, even when the damping settings on the features of Dynamic Driving Control (DDC) is placed in Sport mode though. In DDC mode Normal, we will feel the softness of suspension damping, as well as controls that feel comfortable and lighter than the BMW 5 Series E60. In addition, the increased wheelbase, contributing to the increase in driving comfort.

In Sport mode in the DDC, this car has given more solid control, sports character makes all four wheels planted on the asphalt felt stronger when maneuvering. Multi-link suspension with integral construction-V multi-arm in the back, absorb shocks and changes in road surface by mounting the wheels, the framework as-wheels, swing arm, and control-arm. While the front suspension design with the construction of "double track control arm 'rely damper (damper) to absorb the impact as soft as possible

When using the Sport mode + on DDC settings, you need to be more vigilant, because the features of DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) will be non-active and control the car feels more wild on the rear axle. Even so, when conditions ekstem, intervention DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is still in operation and to maintain the fixed cars on the tracks. For the record, in some extreme maneuvers on sharp turns, feels a little understeer symptoms.

BMW 5 Series Buying and Own

BMW lovers may feel lose sporty character typical of BMW, which is barely longer owned by BMW BMW 5 Series. To be sure, the BMW 535i we tested provides an opportunity to taste different than the BMW 5 Series ever. Change pengendaraannya characters make this car a serious rival for the Mercedes-Benz E-class which has been a matter of superior comfort in the premium class. Coupled with the offer of performance, BMW 5 Series BMW provides great potential to dominate its class.

The most important value of the concept of BMW's Efficient Dynamics is reflected in the consumption of fuel that is able to reach an average of 5.7 MPA for driving in the city and 11 MPA for driving out of town. In addition, BMW Indonesia also has a program 2 Year Warranty with no mileage limit and 5 Years Service Inclusive program that provides free services for five years or until the limit of 60,000 km.

BMW 5 Series Rating
Improvements are made on the latest BMW 5 Series was confirmed coded F10 PT BMW Indonesia could make more optimistic to sell more BMW 5 Series in the country. Characteristics of strong sporty BMW now has melted, switch the suspension damping offers a softer and more comfortable. However, injection technology, turbo on the engine while maintaining the benefits of BMW power, as well as providing a realistic fuel efficiency for the engine size. Another advantage is to offer features that are more complete than its rivals. This makes the new BMW 5 Series has a strong capital to choose from more consumers in the country, especially for those who do not care about the loss of a strong sporting character of BMW.

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