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Car Reviews Honda Odyssey

Premium MPV with the driving and control-style sedan.

Model Test of Honda Odyssey
  • Power 180 hp
  • Torque 218 Nm
  • 0-100 12.3 seconds kpj
  • Fuel consumption is 11.2 MPA
  • 80-0 kpj 27.1 m

We like
  • Control
  • Performance
  • Practicality cabin.

We do not like
  • Audio system that is not integrated
  • Head room is cramped third row.
Since its inception, the Honda Odyssey has been a trendsetter in design and technology for the MPV 7-passenger capacity. While other MPV is still the conventional design with a box shape (Boxy), the first generation Odyssey was showing a flattened curve of the body, aerodynamics, bear luxury cabin, and full featured.

Honda Odyssey Design and technology

After 16 years Odyssey's presence in the world, with no premium was the latest generation MPV was released in Indonesia. Imported directly from Japan, this time equipped Odyssey sliding sun roof, the camera monitor, and HID lamps (high intensity discharge).

This fourth-generation body seems more "flow" and flat. High car is only 1545 mm (equivalent sedan) and a total length of 4800 mm. That is, this brand-new model is lower than 5 mm and 35 mm longer than the previous model. While the width remains the same, namely 1800 mm. Meanwhile, only 150 mm ground clearance, so that the Odyssey should be alert when passing through damaged or stagnant water.

Detail car was designed in tune with a slim body. For example, headlamp and stoplamp who also made more flat than the previous generation. Apart from the obvious aesthetics, technically flat design is intended to reduce wind resistance, which impact on fuel consumption savings. Honda calls this design concept as an 'ultra low-floor platform. "

To control and driving, the Odyssey also features Motion Adaptive EPS (electronic power steering), plus VSA (vehicle stability assist). Both of these features serves to prevent oversteer and understeer symptoms. Braking circuit seconded ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) and BA (brake assist). There is also traction control technology that is integrated with ESP (electronic stability program) to increase the stability of control car. That is added dual airbags and curtain airbags, making the value of MPV safety is fairly good.

Honda Odyssey Interior

Man maximum, machine minimum. That filosfi adopted Odyssey designers when creating this car's interior. By continuing to rely on the concept of 'low-floor platform', Honda builds cabin-themed 'V-shape'. The goal is to be able to accommodate seven passengers in comfort and provide a broad view to the front. Steps to be taken quite simple: make the rear passengers sit higher than the passenger in front of him.

Dashboard is designed with the concept of slope to the front. Honda calls it 'the wave shape design'. The form feels futuristic and not boring. Instruments mounted easily seen with the buttons that are easily recognized and easily achieved. Meanwhile, features such as 'ambient light' that glow blue and the trim door equipped with an 'optical fiber door trim' which is also casting a blue light, make passengers more comfortable, especially at night.

As a complement to the entertainment, installed a double din head unit with 6.1 inch LCD screen. Application touch screen, DVD, MP3, WMA, AAC, USB connector, and i-Pod, reflecting kecangihan from the interior. Not only that, the head unit is also capable of displaying the rear car bumper and secure area for parking backwards. Unfortunately, this is not integrated head unit. This disunity led to "wedge" itself in the dashboard.

For the third row seats folded, we only need to press a button on the left pillar D and seats will be folded by itself. For this one feature, be sure not something is seat folding process. If folding is not completed, the voice warning will sound.

Honda Odyssey Performance

Behind the Odyssey Bonet, mechanical heart perched 4-cylinder in line, i-VTEC, DOHC, 2.4 liter capacity. The compression ratio was raised to 10,5:1 (predecessor 9,7:1). In this way, power up 20 hp instead of the third generation, or to 180 hp at 6500 rpm. Meanwhile, fixed torque, which is 218 Nm at 4500 rpm. The output power then channeled via a 5-speed automatic tranmsisi to the front wheels.

In addition to changing the value of compression, Honda also install 'torque boost resonator'. The function of these devices are changing the air flow sucked by the intake of water into high pressure air. The flow of air and fuel mixture is pressurized simulated spin. The goal, to raise the efficiency of the combustion process, thus more torque and maximum power, but minimal fuel consumption.

The combination of the increase in compression ratio and the installation of devices 'torque boost resonator' could boost kpj Odyssey to 0-100 in 12.4 seconds and acceleration 0-402 m in 18.7 seconds with a maximum speed of 125.7 kpj acceleration.

Honda Odyssey Driving and Control

Odyssey's driving position is given a completely different with most MPV. Its dimensions are closer to a station wagon to make the driving position Odyssey is more like driving a sedan. Moreover, with electric seat settings, make the driving position can be more accurate.

Suspension damping presents a comfortable, almost in every road condition. Key comfort comes thanks to the use of suspension 'independent double-wishbone' on four wheels. Characteristics of a soft double wishbone suspension apparently was chosen to provide maximum comfort for passengers Odyssey, as well as support the weight of 1.6 tonnes has. Even so, the softness of the resulting suspension did not make the Odyssey has a control that was disappointing. One of the things that make the control is also special is the center of gravity (center of gravity) is a low car.

In addition, the use of electronic stability features also contributed to the exceptional control. For example, VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) and ESP (electronic stability program) that the working process also works in conjunction with a series of ABS braking systems, EBD, and BA. When the maneuver, symptoms of oversteer and understeer that occurs at the corner completely controlled by the VSA and ESP.

Honda Odyssey Buy and Own

Besides perfecting detail exterior and interior, this car is trying to serve the convenience and high utility, without reducing the value of sport and luxury. Although the platform was built from the sedan, but with proper design, the Odyssey has a soul capable of making the MPV. Not only that, the choice of accessories are also varied, whether formally or aftermarket.

MPV is trying to woo customers with technology and features a complete, such as 'keyless entry', 'anti-theft immobilizer system', 'alarm security', and 'ultrasonic sensors'. Odyssey also successfully reach the star 6 (highest) from the Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) in a hit-test, thanks to technological applications of G-CON body strengthening and ACE ™.

Honda Odyssey Rating

As we mentioned earlier, the official price of this car to compete with Subaru's Touran and Exiga. The two rivals that share the same sports a thick aroma. However, in terms of luxury features and aspects, Odyssey is superior than the Touran.

So, there lived closest opponent Subaru Exiga. Both are imported from Japan and features a complete, plus the luxury of a nearly equal value. Factor prices will likely be separate consideration for the particular consumer. However, high image quality comparable to the price Odyssey.

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