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Car Reviews Peugeot 3008

Crossover prime Peugeot with a clever luggage.

Model Test: Peugeot 3008
  • Power: 156 hp
  • Torque: 240 Nm
  • Kpj 0-100: 10.0 seconds
  • Fuel consumption 9.6 MPA (combination)
  • 80-0 kpj: 24.9 meters

We Like:
Engine smooth, flexible trunk, driving position

We Do not Like:
Second row headroom

Peugeot 3008 is a car full of innovation claimed in it, both in the design or technology. Beginning in July 2010, PT Astra Peugeot Sales, sole agent (ATPM) Peugeot in Indonesia, officially introduced the car that is imported directly from the Peugeot assembly plant in Sochaux, France, this.

Since its launch in Europe in May last year, Peugeot 3008 claimed to have scored sales of 50,000 units worldwide. This car is also even claim the title "Car of the Year 'from What Car?, England. While in Indonesia, Constantine Herlijoso, Chief Executive Officer of PT Astra Peugeot Sales, targeting to sell at least 100 units each year.

Judging from its design, 3008 is positioned as a car 'cross-over' (cross-grade crossing) between the SUV and MPV. In the Land of Water, 3008 sold only one model: 156 hp 1.6 liter turbo, automatic transmission with 6-speed Tiptronic.

Peugeot 3008 DESIGN And Technology

In general, the shape of this car is a little unusual for the Indonesian market. However, if explored further, this design is the end result of a merger of 'two worlds' different. 3008 was developed from concept T84 Peugeot, a Peugeot car which describes the ability to build a car from the 'positive elements MPV and SUV'. As a result, we can see the 3008 has a fairly high ground clearance like a SUV, body length, as well as MPV sloping windshield.

3008 standing on a new platform developed by PSA Peugeot-Citroen group called Platform 2. The platform also used Citroen Berlingo, Citroen C4 and Peugeot 308. Peugeot claims to Platform 2 has been developed continuously to produce a platform that not only strong, but also bolstered the car very well at different levels of speed, and be able to muffle the noise to the max.

Depart from one platform, wheelbase 3008 with the 308 hatchback to within 3 mm (2613 mm vs. 2610 mm). As for width, to within 21 mm (1836 mm vs. 1815 mm). Length difference also was only 89 mm. Of the many different dimensions of thin figures, recorded only difference far enough ground clearance, that is equal to 150 mm.

For the safety factor, 3008 completed 6-point airbags, stability control feature / ESP (electronic stability program), ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and EBA (electronic brake assist). Not to mention the frame construction tech 'BOGE impact absorbers', an innovation that combines safety with design of the front overhang as protection against impact, and facilitate the body repairs. Uniquely, the front fender panel bermaterial useful recycled plastics to reduce vehicle weight, and impact resistant lightweight at 15 kpj. Fender is also "friendly" to pedestrians when it contacts.

Pruning weight was added with the use of machine-coded EP6CDT, make 3008 seem mild in the accelerated or bernamuver in traffic density. EP6CDT machine is one of two petrol engines offered by Peugeot. However, for the Indonesian market, this is the only engine offered to consumers.

EP6CDT is Euro5 emission standard engine, equipped with a turbo induction tool twinscroll technology. Meanwhile, the technology 'direct injection' that carried also ensures the engine always perform according to their needs with efficient combustion. This machine is powered 156 hp at 5800 rpm. In addition, 240 Nm of torque at low rpm appeared, 1,400 rpm. Acceleration produced with 6-speed tiptronic transmission also feels smooth and "contain" at every level of the spin machine

Peugeot 3008 INTERIOR

Just like a European car, the interior feels spacious and comfortable 3008. Wide field of view resulting from a sloping windshield. In addition, the high seating position also makes the driver feel confident.

Uniquely, this car has a feature that will invite the question: "Where is the brake hand?" In 3008, you will not find a big lever to activate the hand brake. A small handle berlambangkan (P) on the center console, and that's the hand brake lever. Precisely electric hand brake automatically (automatic electronic parking brake). And to disable it, the driver just floored.

According to Peugeot, the position of the instrument and the buttons are designed to instill the theme of 'principle users'. That is, everything is designed for comfort and convenience of drivers and passengers. Clusternya instruments easy to read and the buttons easy didashboard achieved.

Interestingly, this car has a trunk that is very flexible. Peugeot called it a boot-level '3 '. Access to the trunk made easier with an open baggage door separately (upper and lower trunk door called 'hobby'). Then it would look like a trunk that has two levels. One level to the main baggage compartment, and another backup space underneath. Only by moving the separator board (cardboard) - which can also be left at home - where storage can change the combination.

The combined sequence is like this: Level 1, is when the cardboard trunk parallel to the floor and produce the most extensive luggage space, Level 2, ie when the board is positioned parallel to the door separating 'hobby' is open. In this way, will be available space by 25% below the separator board. Then finally, the cardboard is positioned parallel to the door of 'hobby' is closed.

This is not a plus if the rear seat folded and produce a more spacious luggage space. Luggage Volume 3008 reached 512 liters with the rear seat enabled. Meanwhile, when the rear seats folded, capacity is doubled to 1604 liters

Peugeot 3008 PERFORMANCE
Sitting behind the wheel in the cockpit is like an airplane. Just unfortunately, the rear headroom a little cramped for tall passengers berpostur. Driving position briefly looked like the model 308, but the layout of his chair higher. This happens because his gorund clearance is higher than the hatchback version.

One crossover performance backbone bearing the Prancing lion lies in the application 'twin-scroll turbocharger' (two-stage turbo fan). This latest generation turbo-class performance on it. EP6CDT engine also uses 'intercooler system' to lower the temperature of the air pressure in the intake. Work also becoming light machine thanks to electric power steering pump applications.

'Twin-scroll turbocharger' played through 'twin exhaust manifold-entry' which is made separately on the four cylinder gas flow. That is, there are two ports to play the 'turbine impeller'. One port to work in the round bottom, one for work at high speed. Not only that, technically, is believed powerful dual port trim turbo lag (delay of Tubo). Because the flow of exhaust gas will be more specific turn turbines.

This can be seen in akeslerasi in detail, in which gradually kpj 0-10, 0-20 kpj, 00-30 kpj, up to 000-100 kpj was only less than one second per stage. The final result was recorded 10 seconds kpj 0-100 and 0-402 meters in 17.6 seconds at a speed of 135.2 kpj. For system control and braking, the car is equipped with features ABS, EBD, EBA, and ESP. This formation produces kpj 80-0 in 2.2 seconds and stopping distance of 24.9 meters.

Speaking of fuel consumption, incised 3008 9.6 MPA for combined routes in and out of town. As for the urban and out of town, carrying 9.0 MPA and 11.2 MPA.

Peugeot 3008 Driving And CONTROL
Another factor that gives pleasure to drive, namely the application of automatic transmission 6-speed Tiptronic. Besides can be enabled in mode 'D', made by Aisin sequential automatic gearbox is also featured 'auto-adaptive capability with driver preference' which includes: automatic, sport, and snow mode.

The three features that aim to set the amount of traction wheels to the road surface. When in automatic mode, 3008 to have a sense of driving like his elder brother, 308. Move to the sport, the roar of engines and damping supensi MacPherson strut (front) and independent trailed arm, torsion bar, and anti-roll bar with active roll control (back) will feel more tread to the asphalt.

Functionally, features snow mode is for the state of four seasons. However, in truth, this feature you can use while on the slippery path that tends to eliminate the traction wheels. Take for example the fine sandy paths or roads inundated long enough.

3008 interior comfort features are also abundant, ranging from feature entertainment for the passengers (an audio system with CD player and MP3), leather upholstery, ease of driving (speed limiter plus cruise control, rain sensor, automatic headlights, automatic electric until the hand brake), AC dual zone air filter sensor, up to 13 storage bottles.

Peugeot 3008 ASSESSMENT
Peugeot 3008 offers a blend of two souls. First, the SUV, which is displayed through the 'sporty single front grille', expressive headlights, and 'lower front panel' (bumper guard front bottom) which plated stainless steel, and high ground clearance. Second, the MPV, which is shown with practicality model folding rear seat settings and applications 'lower tail gate' (bottom of the trunk door) that allows easy access in and out.

3008 body structure is designed not only able to protect its passengers, but also nimble maneuvering and at the same light. 3008 body made from 3-phase steel that is both strong and lightweight. Metal parts joined by welding methods 'bead' to ensure the robustness of the body and also cut the weight.

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