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Car Reviews Ford Fiesta

Small first hatchback in the country with voice command features.

Model Test: Ford Fiesta 1.4 Trend AT L

Torque: 128 Nm
Kpj 0-100: 14.7 seconds
Fuel consumption is 12.5 MPA (combination)
80-0 kpj: 28.3 meters

We Like:

Voice command features, color choices attractive

We Do not Like:

Location of power window buttons are not ergonomically

Hatcback car share increasingly crowded lately. After almost all the Japanese manufacturers to fill this class with their superior product, though did not want to miss, Ford manufacturing from the United tried their luck in this class.

Comes with a key advantage in interior design and dynamic exterior side, the Ford Fiesta as a small hatchback to introduce 'kinetic design' (theorem of car design that makes the vehicle look as if moved even at rest). Not only that, the design is also in the claims can mengelimir sound and vibration and the effect on fuel efficiency.

The unit tests this time, 1.4-liter Ford Fiesta Trend A / T

Ford Fiesta DESIGN and Technology

Design a dynamic expressive Ford Fiesta could be the position of superiority. Besides highlighting kinetic design philosophy, this car also has another characteristic, namely 'trapezoids grille'. This grille design has even become the identity of Ford since the early millennium ago. Design a swooping bonnet, firm shoulder line, slope of the A-pillars and arched roofline to the rear capable of providing inhibition coefficient 0.33.

Fiesta stands on the same platform as that used Mazda2. Even so, weighs 55 kg heavier. Yet when compared to the Fiesta which has a dimension of 2489 mm wheelbase, length 3950 mm, width 1722 mm, height 1481 mm, the Fiesta is only 50 mm longer, fatter and just a little higher than the Mazda2.

Ford acknowledged that the heavy weight was obtained from the consequences of the use of solid materials for body design. Tujuanya, for ages plates are more resistant to impact and reduce noise, vibration and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness). Series of independent front suspension uses McPherson strut. While the rear, semi-independent twist beam (stem Roller Stay). Ford raises the diameter of a twist beam rear (compared Mazda2) to the legs become strong and capable of reducing vibration wheel with the road surface well

Affairs mechanical beats, Fiesta carrying the 1.4-liter Duratec engine, with technology Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT). This feature allows you to set the shaft in the engine cylinder to provide fuel efficiency. In addition, engine-powered 95 hp at 5750 rpm with a torque of 128 Nm at 4200 rpm is in compliance with Euro III emission standards.

Unfortunately, the transmission used in the 1.4 L unit under test has not been using power shift 6-speed technology as in variant 1.6 L. However triptronik transmission 4-speed automatic can be operated his semi-automatic mode Sequential Sport Shift.

Technological applications Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) to function optimally reduce the load on the steering wheel. This feature can also adjust with road surface conditions. Arinya, EPS will become heavy or relieve, in accordance with the path traversed. Meanwhile turn the 5.1-meter radius gives enough space to rotate in a narrow area.

There is one small note about a series of steering, in which Ford appears to be less careful attention to aesthetics. For example, liaison bantang Colum steering wheel clearly visible and sometimes collide with the left foot. In fact, this step can be overcome by redesigning the board cover the driver's foot space.

For safety, the Fiesta was built with the concept of Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement (SPACE). Not only that, the feature Passenger Occupant Detection System (PODS) will commemorate the passengers or drivers to wear seat belts and air bags are scattered in several critical points.

About the safety of other additive that is Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which combined with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). Not to forget, Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) as standard features for the sake of improving the braking response.

Ford Fiesta INTERIOR

Ambient cabin is designed in a modern and perspective. In effect, the room was quite spacious and comfortable. Broad outlook also thanks windscreen (windshield), which ramps. While the driving position is also quite high, thus adding to driver confidence. In addition, the driving position is also quite strategic in reaching the buttons on the center console.

The latest generation of Ford presents a series of menu buttons and phone numbers of similar design. Blend of orange and red lights berkelir enliven the center console. And reportedly, it is this is one of his best-selling Fiesta in key European markets. Almost all of the buttons on the fascia was curved out to facilitate touch of a finger.

In addition to its stylish appearance, the Ford Fiesta also offers best-in-class technology. Voice Control System is a feature which is the first feature in the small hatchback class in Indonesia. With this feature, we can listen to music or bertelpon via bluetooth. Use the English language with the appropriate dialect for the features to work maskmiall

With the first sync bluetooth headsets to car audio, you can press the voice command button on the left lever behind the steering wheel. Then, just mention the name, or telephone number, and immediately the speaker sound will be heard in the car cabin.

In addition to its stylish interior, Fiesta cabin design can also be said to be "multifunctional space." With extra storage on several sides, making the interior space seem flexible. Bottle holder in each door, shoes storage under the front driver's seat and cup holder in the middle. Carrying 281 liters of luggage volume with rear seats upright condition and increased to 965 liters when the rear seats folded.

Ergonomic side also dikedepakan on baigan interior, such as audio controls on steering wheel and seat shape designed semi-bucket. The chair is able to withstand the body so as not to shift as the car maneuver. Unfortunately, the value does not spread le ergonomic layout of the power window switch. His position was slightly above the armrest. As a result, drivers have to slightly pull the arm backward in order to suppress it.


Ford Duratec series put on mechanical heart Fiesta. This series is one of the best engine manufacturing alert blue oval. When testing, the composition of power and torque can catapult Fiesta 14.7 seconds for 0-100 kpj. As for 0-402 meters, Fiesta shot in 20.7 seconds with a speed of 108.6 kpj. While the deceleration performance recorded 2.7 seconds with a distance of 28.3 m

This figure is still below the Mazda2, the brother of one platform kpj scored 0-100 in 12.7 seconds and 80-0 kpj in 2.7 seconds and a distance of 27.3 m. But keep in mind, that the Mazda2 capacity 100cc larger and Fiesta also 55 kg heavier.

The test results also show that the Fiesta is designed as a nimble urban car. With the arrangement of gear to the meeting (close ratio). To speed the movement of cars in the city where below 80 kpj, Fiesta noted incision about one every 10 seconds to increase kpj (0-10 kpj 0.9 seconds, 2.0 seconds 0-20 kpj ff). As for speeds above 80 kpj, the increase in time to two seconds per 10 kpj (00-90 kpj 12.6 seconds, 14.7 seconds kpj 000-100).

One consequence of the use of gear meeting, namely the decline in the highest speed. This was evident when the Fiesta was only able to run up to 160 kpj with 4500 rpm redline. Not only that, the time required to reach maximum speed is also quite long, about 37.8 seconds.

Ford Fiesta Driving and Control

When on the road, the Fiesta could give a fairly good sense of driving. Understandably, these cars share a platform with the Mazda2, known good drive. Fiesta Invite down the winding road and the character does not make you shake the suspension of the chair. European driving tastes are also presented through the excess acoustic system capable of reducing cabin noise optimally.

Movement slow in fast out during cornering, the rear wheels will make a little distorted. But the symptoms are very reasonable considering the stern suspension does not adhere to the independent model such as the front. Unfortunately, suspension damping dilintasan wavy pattern somewhat weakened. Bantinganya still quite hard.

Another thing that disturb the enjoyment that is a matter of security doors. That is, even if the door has been locked out electrically, anyway dikecepatan whatever, all four doors can be opened from the inside. If the child lock is activated, two front doors can still be opened. When confirmed, the FMI explain that this is part of safety. That is, in a state of emergency or accident, the door can still be opened.


Profiles of the latest Ford Fiesta which confirms pembawaannya quiet and sporty style. The whole of the roof line that extends from the front hinga attracted to the back of the A-pillar, forming a graph which strongly on the side window profile DLO (Day Light Opening), which creates dynamic nuance. In addition to design, handling and cabin ambianet also be a key driving pleasure.

Not only to prepare quality products, Ford also increased sales for the Fiesta. Seabrek services that enable customers has become a bundle when purchasing. It's known, name of non-Japanese manufacturers sometimes rather difficult to restore the image about the limitation of spare parts and service.

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