Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Car Reviews BMW 520d

BMW classified dare premium diesel sedan car market through 520d sedan. For luxury car manufacturer has not been a lot of courage to bring the diesel sedan to Indonesia, for reasons still poor quality of diesel fuel in the country.

Curiosity to premuim BMW 520d diesel cars getting bigger. DetikOto feel lucky to test drive the car. Let us discuss how the performance for Rp 768 million cars off the road in Jakarta.

Looked outside, the car is cupuk masculine. Many people believes BMW 520d sedan is a gasoline-powered sedans like most. But in fact different. "Loh this diesel engine anyway, kirain gasoline." detikOto friend said when he heard the sound of the BMW 520d.

"If the gasoline engine sound as loud as it's baseball," he went on to ensure the character of the BMW 520d engine. Well, whoever would have thought the BMW 520d is a petrol drinker.

BMW 520d very muscular appearance with a line from front to aft. BMW seems to not want to let go of the image of the BMW 520d as a European car high flavor. Appearances before a fresh with a blend of Xenon lamp and fog lamp round on the right and left.

The car was about to be directed to Cibubur. Whoa, before membejek gas pedal is connected by Advance Diesel engine capacity of 2.0 liter turbo as well as review the interior side of the car.

BMW 520d Diesel passenger cabin is very luxurious. The interior is equipped with CD player, cruise control. Fun steering not only be regulated up and down but also can be withdrawn and lowered according to the distance the driver's body.

Also into the cabin does not have to turn the key, because the available features electrically-stop star so just press the button and pocket the key to staying alone. Well, if you want to view mirror back to the left will go down by itself. The car was on the way to Cibubur while looking for suitable locations to conduct a photo session.

Engine hood is wide enough, initially impressed difficult to monitor the condition of the car especially when in the red light or traffic. However kelang 15 minutes, detikOto eventually get used to these conditions.

Asiknya difficulty was also helped by a fairly wide windshield, so the visibility of the driver helped. Electrical systems are embedded in the car were also found on the chair seat height can be controlled via the electrical system, only backwards and forwards who are still moved through the manual.

Transmission lever was placed in D, then the indicator light on the dashboard instrument panel was lit. BMW 520d Diesel gas pedal on the highway was dibejek suburbs (JORR) toward Cibubur.

Wuss! 2.000cc capacity machine that can shoot 184 hp power and 380 Nm of torque is quite fierce.

Karakater turbo engine is very responsive thanks to the embedded. Well, if you want to feel more performance, you can shift the gear lever D to the left, the manual mode.

You can move your teeth fit keinganan by pressing the lever up and down the M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8.

BMW 520d Diesel equipped with safety features, the tire leak Run Flat Tires, crash sensors, brake assist, ABS, EBD. But unfortunately the wheel is still a little heavy, although the car is moving from point 0 km. The difficulty occurs when zig-zig on the highway.

Enjoyment of other aspects of the car when the car in the condition of speeding, a feature of features in car speakers can raise the sound by itself when the car in the speeding. You also can enjoy a 7-inch touch screen, Radio CD, 6 loudspeakers, and a USB audio interface.

What about suspension? When invited to a bumpy road, the BMW 520d suspension works very well, all the rocks and bumpy road dilibas perfectly without any constraints. Suspension is not giddy character and very soft.

From the results pengetesa, detikOto get BMW 520d fuel consumption is 1:10 in the city, while outside the city capable of 1:14. A little more extravagant than BMW claims that reached 1:19,2.

If you think about fuel consumption, it seems this car is perfect but have to think again if you want to go out of town.

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