Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Car Reviews Hyundai i10

National car manufacturer is being heavily marketed to the urban community cute car or city car. Hyundai i10 cars are now presented with a fresh new face.

Intrigued by her ability, Hyundai i10 detikOto GLi car felt on the streets of Jakarta's famous dense and crowded.

From the exterior, many differences from the grille, rims, stop lamp, until the head lamp. Hyundai i10 face now looks more like his brother Hyundai Tucson.

Changes also occur in the interior, unfortunately not too much but enough to make those car prices rose to USD 141 million from USD 136.3 million.

Log into the passenger cabin. Because the body quite cute do not expect the cabin relief.

For those of you who have a height 170 cm seems to be really down, but when it comes to in between the head and the roof still has a distance of about 25 cm.

Unfortunately for the affairs of the foot, the car had a lot of attention. Because the foot determines the quality of driving comfort.

While the outlook is quite impressive. when looking forward, we can monitor the streets with very liberal. Because Hyundai itself pinned wide asymmetrical glass. Due to the small, the area at the back, left and right of the car easily monitored, so that the 'enemy' from any direction can be read perfectly.

To reach power window controls, and entertainment features are still easy.

In terms of interior appearance, urban small car that does feature a bit. Dashboard there is only air conditioner thermostat, on / of AC and the AC regulator. Amazingly the lowest version of the Hyundai i10 has a CD player and cassette. Naturally, in that little car.

Machine was turned on. Well, for part one was pretty nice to discuss it. Because rauman 1,100 cc engine that has the power to 69 PS with torque of 99.05 Nm successfully suppressed well by the Korean car manufacturer.

Good, now more dahysat i10 power than the old one, there is an increase of about 5 Ps of the previous i10 to 64 Ps.

Gear lever was placed in D. To provide more driving experience, Hyundai pinned transmission system D, S and L. Well, from there the driver could spit speed of Korea's small car.

But whoa do not be speeding-speeding, the problem adjust the concept promoted by the manufacturer, namely small car for urban communities. So no need of gas deep beneath you?

The car was taken to the place of the city. Fun once, with 4 passengers Hyundai i10 one is able to weave in the middle of town with quite agile and nimble. The car was immediately dashed when the gas pedal is pressed, responsive feel right.

The new technology installed in the i10 is a technology steering wheel Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS). With this MDPS more efficient machine. This technology is quite helpful when you want to park the cute.

Unfortunately when bulldoze roads, came the sound of the suspension. However, when passing through the bumpy streets properly managed to reduce the suspension so that the car was not giddy.

I10 Specifications
  • Engine 1,100 cc
  • Maximum power 69 hp at 5500 rpm
  • Maximum torque of 101 Nm at 4500 rpm
  • 4 speed automatic transmission
  • Average Fuel Consumption 1:15

Minus Points
  • Suspension hardware
  • Sound quality is not good
  • Interior.

Plus points:
  • Competitive (new)
  • Agile, responsive engine
  • Passenger cabin is tight.

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