Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Car Reviews Honda Accord

Sexy stature. That was the first impression when I saw the new Honda Accord Full Size. The impression that is not easily forgotten in the new Honda Accord.

Indeed, Honda Accord Being somewhat swollen now, thanks to the wide body in the whole body. Starting next to the stern. What was it like driving a sedan this?

Well, this time detikOto get a chance to feel the New Accord VTi-L 2.400cc automated and no longer driven by a beautiful girl like some time ago. So it feels more satisfied.

Design grille, bumper very ditel so eleganitas emanated from a sedan berbanderol USD 481.5 million. When compared with the Toyota Camry sedan class, the Honda Accord is no less well established.

Once inside the passenger cabin, a luxurious and futuristic shine clearly through the design of the dashboard to the center console. Wood Panel berkelir very dark brown with light brown kontar in the passenger cabin from front to rear seats. Highly decorated the cabin New Honda Accord.

The key was dicolokan to and turn it to the ON position. The sound engine 2354 cc i-VTEC power capable of spitting out 180 hp at 6500 RPK sounded fine.

Before you press the gas pedal a deep, see the section of the passenger cabin. Amazingly the front cabin and rear cabin 'Japanese Samurai' was quite relieved that there was no trouble to enter. Interior sedan is equipped with brown leather upholstery with electric regulator.

Unfortunately the front passenger seat can not be raised and lowered electrically. One of these changes is the addition of the audio settings, from the previous only in the steering wheel is now in the back seat armrest. The four seats rather hard. If you want soft, need a little modification.

As a result, audio can be set by a passenger vehicle rear. Mmm, it prioritizes behavior that sitting behind the boss. While the driver's view ahead.

But if you have 165 cm height seems to be elevating seat. Because going to unobstructed views to the front of the engine hood length and width will be missed. With visibility that you will awake.

While the 2400 cc engine combined with 5-speed automatic trasmisi little boyok in lap down but very responsive at the rpm of about 3,500 rpm.

Well, if you want to feel better engine performance, simply lower the lever to mode S. MID lights would change to S. With it the car was ready rushed. S Mode 5 options provided acceleration to suit the driver's wishes.

Fun, New Honda Accord equipped Full Size Active Noise Control System (ANC) and the Sound Sensitive Volume Control (SVC), which managed to work enough to maintain maximum voice quality.

Enjoyment berkenadara further when cruise control is activated. Well, this technology is generally used when the trip straight and free of obstacles.

The car was invited to maneuver. Indeed, the car is a bit wild thanks to a big body. But the level of driving stability maintained thanks to Variable Gear Ratio (VGR). Technologies that keep us dikecapatan high and low.

At low speed, angle of the wheel will turn more sharply without the need to rotate the wheel again and again. While at high speeds, the steering ratio will return to normal.

Since the car for the bosses, no matter prepares Honda sedan with a soft suspension Honda's unique. Fun once, though invited on bumpy roads and damaged, the car body to stay awake while the tires are just up and down.

From what we've had in the New Honda Accord seems reasonable for consumers who are allergic to the car from Europe.

Competitors: Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana.

Value Plus Accord:
  • Soft suspension
  • The cab car is not noisy so make passengers comfortable
  • Responsive engine

Minus Accord Value:
  • Leather seats a little hard
  • Machine started to react at 3500 RPM

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