Thursday, July 14, 2011

Suddenly A Car Strike? This Is Some Reason

Car Strike
Have comfortable while driving, the car suddenly breaking down or stalled the engine? Many factors cause the machine crashed, starting from the ignition system until the fuel system. There is a good car owner to understand several factors that often interfere with the performance of the engine. Workshop Technician classify five causes of death machines.

Cars that are still using carburizing system, a dirty carburetor can make a machine breaking down. Dirty carburetor makes the engine work so hot quickly overwhelmed. If excessive heat, the engine will die. The second factor is the coil damage due to overheating. The cause could be due to the heat coil is weak or the installation of resistors that are not true. Resistor serves to reduce the large electrical currents coming into the coil. If one pair of resistors coil will overheat and die. As a result, the electricity was off.

In applying injection engine, a dirty fuel filter can cause the engine to die. Dirt will reduce the volume of gas flow, so the machine was not working optimally. Machine so burdened as it requires extra effort to suck up extra petrol. As a result the same, so the engine overheated. Weak gasoline pump also causes effects such as dirty filters, namely the addition of the machine workload. Yunan recommends routine check every 50,000 miles to determine the condition of filters and pumps.

The last factor is the most common is interference with the electrical system. Injection systems for automobiles, generally crank sensor could be causing the engine to die. This sensor serves to provide a signal to the control unit to operate the ignition. If the signal is weak, then the ignition will be interrupted. Other components included in the electrical system is the spark plug wires. Sometimes physically, spark plug wires are still good but maybe a conductor in which there is a break. As a result the electric current supplied was reduced. Although the car still can walk, if given a bit like turning an AC load or higher engine speeds are not strong and died.

To anticipate these things, there is no other way but to do orderly conduct periodic tune ups. At least every 10,000 miles. Less than that is better, but do not actually too often. If too often, according to the detriment of Yunan for causing the rubber and bolts quickly wear out, especially in the carburetor.

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