Thursday, July 14, 2011

Car Modification Wheel Style Vanish Hellaflush Style

Car Modification
The car modifications lovers now begin to look new stream. His name is Hellaflush. Hellaflush model shows the style of wheels and tires are pretty extreme. The main principle is to make the wheels as close to the fenders or fenders. So that if seen, the tire appear and disappear inside the fenders just look velgnya only.

Display Hellaflush now been adopted by several children modif (call for car modification enthusiasts). But the average has been no corresponding standard. Standard Hellaflush the correct fashion is wearing a large ring wheel. At least ring 19 upward. If here are generally still use the standard ring size is about 15-16. Though if to drive the small ring is much better because the tires are thicker.

To make the car Hellaflush style there are several major steps that must be done. The first course is to replace the wheel. In addition to a large ring, the quality is also good for comfort should be steered. Wheels are nice to have a high bending power while the poor harder. The next stage is to change the fenders or fender so that the tire can be further embedded into the. To memepetkan fenders with alloy wheels, made for less camber. Tire swing this connection should be shortened so that the tire can be collapsed into. Reduction should not be too much. Camber minus one (-1) was quite skewed and still nice to drive. Shortening the camber makes the car more powerful traction and more stable when turning. Since the fourth position in the width of the tire to form the composition of the bottom and narrow at the top. If cambernya minus too much, not even a perfect way.

Tires are slightly tilted position makes the inside of the tire tread eroded faster than the middle and outer parts. To overcome this, long-haired men need do is recommend tire rotation or replacement. Tire exchange from left to right or from front to back to the tire tread out more evenly.

One more thing to do to get Hellaflush appearance is to shorten the suspense. The options are cut springs or replace them with sustek or air suspension systems. Sustek system is a system of suspense that can be height adjustable by rotating drat. While the air suspension system uses air pressure as a regulator of the high and low suspension. Yes wear the most expensive air suspension, because the live set air pressure alone we can already desired height.

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