Friday, July 1, 2011

Rihanna: Submissive In Bed Only

Does not condone violence but in bed she likes to be submissive, and confesses: "I like to be spanked or tied, but spontaneously. If it happens it's best to use your hands to break the spell by going in the closet to look for a whip." Rihanna confesses in the number of Max on newsstands July 4 that devotes its cover to be interviewed by the strong tones.

"Do not lose or violence or murder," Rihanna says two years ago, has been the subject of the brutal violence of the then boyfriend, the singer Chris Brown. The images of the young artist from Barbados with a face full of barrels immediately made the rounds of Internet sites around the world. "I was abused in the past - says Max - but I do not run around killing people in their free time. I just want the girls to be cautious: I shot a video for this as powerful as Man Down." The message of the video, where it appears with long hair bright red, is that living in certain areas of the world should not be so easy, so as to force the girls to keep well guarded in the house a firearm for use in the case where someone did not behave well. "I work a lot and take important decisions in everyday life - adds in the interview - so intimate that you know I want a macho deal with me." And, to a question about his look, which is considered too sexy, he replied: "The public often sees me with her ass and tits outside and I understand that this might irritate some girls. But denigrating comments on the web are made from non- have the balls to confront me. "

A castle with 12 rooms in Beverly Hills, 1,500 pairs of shoes, 14 tattoos, a passion for gnocchi and spaghetti, an upcoming movie, the pop star tells his rise, "Thanks to Jay Z have achieved success in 17 years, but the exotic image of the edges just do not appeal to me. I wanted to emerge, so I took full responsibility of my image and my music and I became ill. 'Good Girl Gone Bad' has been confirmed that I was right. "

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