Friday, July 1, 2011

Halle Berry at War with Gabrel Aubry - Again!

There are things that Halle Berry does not compromise, starting with its agreement with her ex for custody of Nahla, her daughter. Dissatisfied with the turn of events, she returned to court.

"We know that a child needs both parents" , said Halle Berry soon after his separation from Gabriel Aubry . His good resolutions will not last very long. Having already initiated a court battle with his ex to rule on custody of their daughter, the actress returned to court Tuesday. The reason? Gaby did not respect the terms of their agreement.

" Halle is uncompromising with Gaby. If Nahla back five minutes late or if not right on time when he comes back, she covers him with reproaches. Gabriel said that a crisis broke out last week because gave him the pizza while it was not the right time. These details, but he has no space of freedom when it comes to his daughter, " said a source at Radar Online . And the food is not the only criticism that can make it. The way he dresses her daughter to "just adequate places" where he would take, everything goes. From this close to the Canadian model of 34, he is merely seeking to "spend time with her ​​daughter in peace" . "But it seems that it is not possible, at least in the near future" , at he said. Halle Berry was only to go to the hearing in camera. Gabriel Aubry was represented by counsel.

Their squabble has spread extensively in the American press, each clan's information flowing. Gaby was accused of racism during that Halle was treated for hysteria. It promises the next hearing before the judge!

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