Friday, July 8, 2011

Nina Moghaddam Reveals Her Beauty Tips

Actually there are at Nina Moghaddam (30) nothing wrong. The Super RTL presenter is very pretty, has a great figure and is on top of that extremely likeable. But now she claims not to be spared from Beauty Swap. In an interview with Promiflash the 30-year-old has revealed exactly what bothers them in their appearance and what look they prefer private preference.

"I can not even make-up as well and make my hair so great, so I wear it open or a horse's tail", tells us Nina. And make-up is definitely for private repertoire of TV starlet, announced can like them. "I have to make up a bit, because I'm Oriental and genetics, we always have dark circles." to public events or on television we see her But not to. But she insists: "Even though I slept ten hours, I have them (dark circles), it does not matter. I always have the odometer with a concealer, otherwise I look like a panda. "

does for her sexy figure, the sweet Nina also quite a lot. "If I have time, I'm totally happy yoga. And I have two dogs, one of which is a Jack Russell and have a lot of energy. Full throttle. That means giving twice or three times a day really takes off. " Nina can give full throttle again in a few months as " American Idol - The Magazine "backstage host, because the applications for the new season are already in full swing.

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