Friday, July 8, 2011

Did Pamela Anderson Have Sex In A Restaurant's Restroom?

The rumors again! The eternal sex symbol Pamela Anderson (44) provided in the past, yes, daily for one or the other scandal. Be it the spicy video with husband Tommy Lee (48) or performances to which they apparently no longer seemed really sober. Now there is an alleged minor scandals more on their CV.

It all started innocently enough, as Pamela Anderson was spotted in Buenos Aires with her ​​current lover Jon Rose at dinner in a restaurant. Eventually Pam disappeared towards women's restroom. Only once is not unusual. But she was not alone there! Apparently it is Jon and Rose followed as reported to a lady who had once also visit the localities, they are caught red-handed in a very unique scenery!

Whether there is something to it? Pamela would not put it past any case. But it was in June the Advertising of lingerie brand "Bonita de mars' with Pam as a workhorse. Perhaps it is this "scandal" that is not too inconvenient?

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