Thursday, July 14, 2011

'Cascada', Natalie Horler, In Playboy's August 2011 Edition

She has accomplished what millions of musicians dream and what was not even allowed Robbie Williams: huge success in the U.S.. With the dancefloor combo "Cascada" singer Natalie Horler was an international star. In Sweden, Israel, England and Ireland, they had number one hits, including Japan and many other countries are the sexy blonde and her band at the feet.

Only in Germany there are amazingly still people who "Cascada" do not know, although hits such as "Evacuate the Dance Floor," are indispensable for no more disco on the radio and run up and down.

On stage twisted "Cascada" singer Natalie Horler, and her charisma with sexy outfits for men's head rows. Now she has dropped all cases and is beautiful to see nude pictures in Playboy. But the 29-year-old is married, her husband had no problems with the pictures? "He was just not thrilled that the whole world will see his wife naked," Natalie says in the Playboy interview. "But he also knows who he is together. I have my own mind, I would have always regretted it if I would have said no to the photos!"

Especially the new "Cascada" is album "Original Me" was released and probably will again storming the charts in many countries. So it is all very well for Natalie Horler, but she still has a big dream: "I was shooting at me sometimes like a Bond girl And that's the coolest thing there is It is the sex symbol par excellence... It would be a dream, even the Bond girl to be in a movie. "

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