Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Paris Hilton Pregnant?

Actually, these pictures speak for themselves! When Paris Hilton was (30) yesterday for a television recording in the shopping center "The Grove" in Los Angeles to guest, they showed the waiting photographers sometimes it is currently the biggest mystery. could under her tight-fitting pink dress one that is seen a more than noticeable bulge!

Is that really a pregnant belly, which is noted there? In fact, it does not look as if the it-girl of heartache a bit eaten too much. Even if the separation of Cy Waits (35) have you done to create very beautiful, with the Hangover -director Todd Phillips (40) has then they can console themselves here soon. Who is the potential baby as well? The speculation over themselves already and now even in its docu-show was from a pregnancy test question. But what do you think is coming soon, the first coming at Paris Hilton?

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