Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Simple Tips for Fuel-Efficient Car

Tips for fuel-efficient car is just a simple tips. Simple because we only need to pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and the driving force. But the simple ways that this can help us to save fuel in driving.

With vehicle fuel economy, will certainly save regular budget should we spend. In addition, fuel-saving effect for reduction of air pollution levels will also have an impact in reducing global warming.

Here are simple tips on saving fuel.

1. Driving with a constant and not too fast

Spontaneous gas pressure or a sudden, then slowed dramatically to make wasteful of fuel. Driving with a constant, watching the speed limit and avoid the drive and the car brakes suddenly, will be able to increase five percent of the mileage in the lane and up to 33 percent on major highways.

2. Reduce the load in the car

Additional load of 45 kilograms in the car can reduce mileage as much as two percent. In other words, my friend can save hundreds of thousands per year simply by freeing the car from the goods that are not needed.

3. Do not turn on the car during long stops

Turn off car engines while longer to reduce gas usage, including when stuck in traffic. Avoid streets jam-prone.

4. Check engine and air filters

Well maintained machine that will make cars more fuel efficient. Replace the air filter (air filter) is clogged fuel vehicle could save up to ten percent.

5. Check the air pressure in tires

Take care buddy vehicle tires. Make sure the tires pumped in accordance with the recommended pressure. The flat to make vehicles more fuel-intensive, but excessive pumping will mess up your car control, which in turn also makes the fuel becomes more wasteful as well.

6. Get back to nature

Back to nature?. Using the AC only when absolutely needed. Open the window and let the wind replaces air conditioning car with a pal when driving slowly.

7. Do not use a car

That's how extreme but definitely save fuel, do not use the car. But it must still must consider the costs and and needs that must be sacrificed when not using the car. Consider using public transportation, motorcycle, or even a bicycle, according to the needs.

Tips for fuel-efficient vehicle just by observing the condition of the vehicle and driving style is simple although I'm sure will be able to minimize our vehicle fuel consumption.

Maybe there is a pal of simple tips to add to this fuel-efficient?

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