Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Important Things When Go To Car Wash

No chance, tired after a day of activities, lazy, etc. then go to the car wash let me refresh vehicle is the usual routine performed by the residents of the city. Car wash seputaran thrives in the capital starting from class under a shade tree to the class of automatic car wash (where the time cucimobil cuman 5 minutes). Before visiting a car wash you should note the following things:

Wash your vehicle in the morning ato afternoon when the rays of the sun is not scorching. Avoid washing cars during the day because it can cause fungus all over his body. So is the night the day, the absence of sunlight makes the water that landed on the sidelines of the body does not dry immediately, so rust prone to cancer.

Pick a reliable car wash. Avoid places that use car wash soap dab. The nature of the harsh detergents can cause the car body gradually becomes dull.

Try to select a car wash that does not use the elevator (lift up the vehicle.) Use the elevator was allegedly able to shorten the life of the legs. Ban hang in a state of make per / Shockbreaker forced to stretch to the maximum limit.

Do not put valuables in the car. Frequent occurrence parking money disappeared from the dashboard console box.

Ok, let's go to car wash now!

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