Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Installing Turbo For Your Car

Turbo Car
WANT to feel like a racing car driven rocket? Replacing the turbo tool is one answer. The addition of a turbo on a standard car engine can pump energy instantly, performance has increased dramatically without increasing the weight of the car. According to sources from Majestic Motor, turbo installation on standard machines tailored to the capacity and capability of each machine. "For a standard machine, can not wear high boost pressure or because of his seker not be strong," he said.

He pointed out if the opening of its external wastegate only ¼ the boostnya not be more than 0.3 bar. For the standard engine, big turbo boost that is used generally ranges from 0.5 to 0.6 bar. If the machine is still in fit condition, the addition of this turbo tool will provide additional power at least 50 HP.

"For cars daily it is more than enough," said sources. To install the turbo on the exhaust manifold, some changes should be made to adjust the standard machine settings. Some components that must be tampered with is seker, seker handlebar, and also add packing rings on the cylinder head. The addition of packing is intended to lower the compression ratio because, according to sources turbo engines do not require high compression, but just the opposite. Only when activated, the turbo will compress the air into the engine to increase the number of oxygen molecules that enter the cylinder. The high oxygen molecules that enter encourage additional supply of fuel. More fuel is burned, energy is produced also jumped to perform compression, turbo utilize exhaust gas flow from the engine to turn turbines, which then went round to the air compressor. These turbines could spin up to 150 thousand rounds per minute (rpm) or 30 times the engine turns the car in general.

Temperature turbo devices will also increase rapidly when passed by the exhaust gas. High temperature compressed air into the combustion chamber when high pressure, can trigger the combustion before the spark plug sparking a fire. What happens then is a symptom of knocking or ngelitik. That's why according to sources who use turbo engines require high octane fuel value. Compressed air will also expand due to high temperature. As a result, despite the pressure of the air entering the combustion chamber is high, but the number of molecules of air needed for combustion is reduced.

To lower the temperature of compressed air, it should be added to the intercooler. To install the turbo on the daily car engine, resource persons provide an estimate of prices between USD 35-50 million, "That's not including additional requirements when tuning the engine and electronic systems penyuplainya like turbo timer, turbo module and unichip," he said. Turbo engine maintenance thinks not much different from the standard engine. Throughout his pipe system no one is problematic and not too often over-rpm,

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