Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Choose a Good Car Rental

Good Car Rental
For tourists who want to travel and need the vehicle for the adventure and just around the tourist areas. To be able to tour the surrounding area definitely needed a vehicle, this is where the role of car rental companies in supporting tourism in the area.

Choosing a rental company can say tricky, because nearly all car rental companies offer the same facilities, discounts and price is relatively the same. But one thing that needs attention is the service. Often many of us are ignoring the problem of service just because the problem of different prices around $ 20-10, which probably will result in a less satisfactory service.
Below we have tips from when I want to rent a vehicle:

Look for car rental companies or travel correct and clear address of his office.
Looking for car rental companies or travel via the Internet and can contact them by telephone first.
The characteristics of the car rental company that is credible is if we order a vehicle shall be served by the employee as soon as possible.
After you order would be required to pay a booking / booking fee to ensure certainty of booking your vehicle, this is to ensure the vehicles are definitive for rent in the day that you specify.
After arriving in the city of destination and your vehicle driven to the airport, prior to submitting a copy of ID card and payment, the entire state of the vehicle thoroughly good condition body and engine and vehicle papers, key equipment, spare tire, etc..
It would be nice if the vehicle is equipped with all risk insurance.
If you submitted a letter agreement, please read carefully before you meyetujuinya.
Car rental companies usually provide a special vehicle registration car rent to tenants and the car can not be taken out of town.
Once the lease document signature you get a copy and keep it well if there are problems on the road such as accidents, strikes etc please contact the car rental company.

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