Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Car Reviews Toyota Corolla Altis diesel

In Indonesia, less diesel sedans so popular. In addition to Mercy almost no new diesel-engine cars. Indonesia most diesel engines used for MPV cars or commercial.

Toyota Altis 1.4-liter diesel engine common-rail turbo diesel. This machine is capable of spewing power of 90 bhp with 6 speed transmission. Altis diesel is claimed to be very economical in fuel consumption. One liter of diesel cars can run as far as 21 km with traffic conditions and driving style Indian.

Slightly more expensive than gasoline versions. Altis diesel is supposed to be signed in Indonesia, his keiritan diesel engine will be the consumer appeal even though the quality of diesel in Indonesia is poor and dex pertamax not circulate evenly throughout Indonesia. After all, Indonesia has issued a Toyota Fortuner diesel, true or not?


Engine: 1.4 liter turbocharged
Maximum Power: 90-100bhp
Length: 4540mm
Width: 1760mm
Height: 1480mm
Wheel Base: 2600mm
Clearance: 176mm
Boot: 475 liters

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