Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Car care tips in the rainy season

Although only mists, rain water could still endanger the safety of the driver and passenger cars. From opaque glass so until the machine crashed, can be caused by rain.

Well, in order to avoid the various problems that, you'll want to check some important components. One was wipers. Removal of this glass plays an important role when the rain came. Wiper serves to clean the glass of water pouring rain and reduce condensation that stuck to the windshield. That way the driver's view remains clear.

There are several things that can cause the wiper to move slow or even stalled. The problem can be caused from electrical problems to mechanical damage. The cause traffic jams stretched from the crankshaft, loss of power, death of relationships in the wiper gear, a blown fuse, broken lever, or damage to electric motors.

To anticipate you should check the electrical system, especially the fuse. Replace if the fuse to show signs of obsolescence. Check also the relationship between the shaft and piston rod wiper. Furthermore, also check that there is damage to the motor. Do not forget, check the condition of water storage glass eraser. Keep the water is always clean. You see, these tools do not have a filter. So, once its contents drained before filling.

Brake was a focus for major safety when the rainy days. Therefore, we encourage you to do routine brake maintenance. Starting from the examination of canvass, disc, drum, until the brake fluid and brake master. If the thin canvas, do not hesitate to buy new parts.

Nursing brakes after going through a puddle is also important. You simply spray water around the calipers, discs, and canvass. The goal, to remove sand that stuck around the caliper. Just so you know, sand sticking can cause rust and erode ditempelinya components. Besides watering the caliper, for long-term care can be added brake fluid cleanser.

Electrical functions become vulnerable when the rainy season. Understandably, the risk of corrosion on the cables and sockets to be larger. Therefore, do not forget to check the socket-outlet in your car. If the intruding water, spray liquid penetrant on ujungujung terminal so that it can protect the terminals in the socket from corrosion. Be careful when making a cable connection socket. Do the connections are closed with tape, the stern must also be closed after sprayed penetrant.

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