Saturday, June 4, 2011

Car Reviews Luxgen7 SUV

For automotive vehicles lovers in the country with brand Luxgen an unfamiliar name. Though the car does not lose out design with a car - car output Japan, Europe and America. New - this new model launches Luxgen Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Luxgen 7.

Cars with a capacity of seven passengers in addition to the completed number of comfort features are also loaded with safety penujang devices. Structure deck or floor of the car for example, uses the concept of Multi Luxgen H and HRSS (High rigidity Safety Structure) that ensure the safety of passengers in the event of collision or impact.

In addition, there are SRS airbags, Antilock Braking System (ABS), Braking Assistance System (BAS), Electronic Brake Distribution. While the devices Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control is offered as an option to consumers.

This car also features Eagle View that serves to monitor the environment around the car to spin 360 degrees. Still less Luxgen also add devices Blind Spot Monitoring System for mebantu driver when the streets filled with thick smoke or fog at dark. In fact, Luxgen besutanya car equip it with electric massage devices for passengers, seat heating devices that can be used in the winter, as well as audio devices Clarion with JBL speakers.

SUV Luxgen 7 is to use four-wheel drive system. The drive system is equipped with intelligent devices that can split the engine torque to the front and rear wheels when the driver needs it, especially when crossing the track difficult.

In the kitchen runway, Luxgen equip this SUV degan 2200-cc gasoline-powered 130 kW and torque of 275 Newtonmeter. Power is channeled to the wheels through a system of five levels of speed automatic transmission.

Very reasonable if the car is loaded with sophisticated tools is priced U.S. $ 25,978 - U.S. $ 35,588.

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