Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Car Reviews Hyundai Tucson

Look of some SUV-type car arguably normal. But for this SUV from Hyundai looks may also, fierce yet graceful. Is this performance?

Before assuming all kinds, we should taste the Tucson GLS 4X4 SUV gasoline.

From the outside, latest Tucson was awarded with remarkable freshness. The changes seen in the front, middle to the stern. The concept is now more muscular but still carry the aerodynamics.

Grille design character through the grill 3 levels are greeted with a narrow eyes (head lamp), Tucson.

While the headlamp design and foglamp imply extraordinary elegance behind toughness. You also will want to get complacent and feel the gas pedal membejek brand-new SUV. But whoa. Because the outside has not been fully reviewed.

Now, move to the middle. Fine line envelop the side of the SUV. Kekakaran buried in the SUV that Hyundai did not seem gratuitous.

And to the buttocks. Hyundai as not to out of date. Design stoplamp "transmitted" to the body side. Fortunately, the concept was commensurate with the body that are categorized as Tucson gambot.

Log into the passenger cabin. As detikOto feel, as though Tucson SUV passenger cabin design combines kotemporer and modern.
Hyundai Tucson
Contemporary atmosphere can be felt through the dim colors (dark brown and light brown). Merging 2 colors pinned neatly on the dashboard, doortrim up to the pillar.

And for the modern side, Hyundai's designers managed to make the curve of the dashboard and doortrim interesting as possible, to imply Tucson SUV is a luxury SUV.

While relatively simple for the passenger cabin, such as audio, CD player, radio, aux-in as a car worth Rp 150 million to USD 180 million. But the driver made comfortable enough with the sound on the steering wheel controller. Design the right to stay to avoid a hazard.

And for the safety of the Hyundai Tucson is equipped with standard safety features like airbags, ABS and EBD. There are also additional features hill assist and downhill brake control that allows the car taken up and down the mountain.

Section chairs both quite relieved, 3 adult passengers can be swallowed completely. As for the rear trunk, due to adopt only two rows of passengers, baggage very relieved. Hyudai seemed to sense the condition of its customers are hooked brothels.

Key turned to the On position. Theta II engine 1998 cc 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve Dual CVVT sounded fine. There are 2 options ie i-drive D with 6 Speed ​​Shiftronic positioned and D sport if you want to feel the engine more responsive.

When the gas pedal is touched, the acceleration is very good New Tucson. 1998 cc engine that can shoot 166 hp power and 197 Nm of torque best in its class despite the buzzing of the machine should be heard up to the passenger cabin.

Remarkably gear shift 1 to 6 is very smooth. Unfortunately for the rotation of the engine a little weak.

Fortunately up to speed 160 km / h, the car remains stable and easy to drive. Character suspension was a bit harsh. But rear passengers are pampered with a swing suspension Tucosn. The concept is suitable for the image of tough SUV.

What about fuel consumption. Look to the instrument panel in the speedometer. If you are wise pressing the gas pedal, the figure that emerges is 15.1 liters for a distance of 100 kilometers. Well, if you run out menggeber Tucson, a figure that appears to 25 liters for 100 kilometers.

The results seemed quite economical for the size of cars 2,000 cc androgynous male. From what detikOto get through Tucson SUV, Hyundai like really androgynous male menyempurkan car so that it can compete with the Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Captiva, Nissan X-Trail.

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