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Car Reviews Chevrolet All New Spark


The evolution of body shape Matiz Spark replace practically revolutionary. Changes from the first generation Matis (Cherry QQ copied the platform) and then to the Chevrolet Spark Mk II (alert 2006) and finally the Chevrolet Spark is seen very clearly. No version facelift between generations, GM (General Motors) directly change the total look.

Spark Design is now much more attractive, thanks to padauan thick fenders and hood of the dive. Chrome Grille ornate shades torn in two by a gold-colored Bowtie logo. Headlamp appeared together with the hood, reinforcing the impression of aggressive. According to GM, the design of the bow is inspired African cat Cheetah looks great . Although dominated by a triangular shape, yet GM claims that the Spark is friendly to pedestrians, in the event of collision.

There are notes about the design, in which the rear door handle integrated in the pillar C. That way, Spark car look like a coupe. In addition, Spark's body also looks "smooth", thanks to the lack of line and curve of the body other onamen.

On the back of the embedded 'high-mounted rear lights'. The combination rear lights which are designed to be mounted high stop lamp flame is more easily seen by the vehicle behind him. Equipped with glass rear wiper, also features anti-fog, driving comfort in the rain.

Dimensional body has the latest Spark length 3640 mm, width 1597 mm, and height 1522 mm, and wheelbase 2375 mm. That is, compared to rivals than teredekatnya - Suzuki Spash and Hyundai i10 - Spark 75 mm shorter than the Splash, but 75 mm longer than Hyundai i10. Spark also lose width 83 mm from Splash, but more width of 2 mm from I10. While high, Spark became the lowest, by a margin of 96 mm and 18 mm Splash of Hyundai i10.

Besides changing the shape of Spark, the engine capacity also increases. Of the original 0.8 liter (Matis), to 1.0 liters (Spark Mk II), until the latest Spark a capacity of 1.2 liters.

In Europe, city car has two engine options, the 1.0 liter and 1.2 liter. However, in Indonesia, GM Spark meniagakan only with a capacity of 1.2 liter, 4-cylinder in line, powerful 81 hp at 6400 rpm engine speed and torque of 108 Nm at 4800 rpm. Power is then transmitted via a 5-speed manual transmission to the front wheels. Meanwhile, disaster entrusted to McPherson strut suspension in front and torsion beam in the rear.

If on the exterior Spark appear smooth, not so for his cabin sector. Menyelerasakan aggressive and attractive design, a bright red cross-list from darai doortrim fascia to the side. Wrap the fabric pattern decorated with thin stripes of red, contrasting with the color black appears cushion.

With a longer wheelbase 15 mm shorter than the Splash and only 5 mm from the Hyundai i10, Spark is able to give relief on leg room and headroom. Effects of long wheelbase also berpenagurh on trunk volume. Carrying 233 liters (when seats upright) and increased to 568 (the second row seats fall). Compare with Splash, in which when the rear seats upright, 213 liter and when seats folded, 562 liters.

Unfortunately, a big volume of baggage that does not have good access. Musababanya, a pair of rear mounted speakers hanging on the pillars C. In fact, on the left and right trunk, there is still room to put speakers.

One thing that is interesting from the cabin Spark is the shape and position of the speedometer is different than its competitors. Information on speed, engine rpm, fuel, and temperature displayed on the LCD screen round two digitally on the meter cluster is not integrated with the dashboard.

The existence of a unique speedometer that pops up behind the steering wheel is nicely packaged, so the dashboard looks more tidy compartment. However, because the engine turns only shaped indicator lines is increased when the engine speed rises, a little trouble to make it a standard gearshift, rather than engine speed indicator with indicator needles and numbers. Chevrolet also nicely set up instrument panels, levers and buttons on the center console.

Equipped with mechanical heart of a powerful 81 hp and 108 Nm of torque, enough to Spark performance in the city. Recorded acceleration 0-100 kpj testing, Spark incised 16.5 seconds, still less than Splash in the range of 14 seconds. The acceleration of 0-402 meters, Spark needs 21.8 seconds. This figure is somewhat less lag, considering most of the city car was stuck in the range of 20 seconds.

For now, the new Spark equipped with one type of transmission, namely 5-speed manual. Judging from the composition of the inter-gear, Spark has a strong initial attraction (1st gear ratio of 3.539) and quite well at medium speed (gear 2nd 1.864, 3rd 1.242, 4th 0.974) where we see that the difference in rates under the single-digit ratios. That is, Spark deft at low speeds, but not quite agile while racing at high speed. It's a natural thing for a city car, considering the use that a lot of passing traffic.

The test results also provide a moderate note, especially for medium speed, where 40-80 kpj in 8.7 seconds, and 60-100 kpj in 13.5 seconds. Presumably, the ratio of force against the weight of worth Spark 59.1 hp / tonne feels less mamapu gave the performance contribution.

Nature as a city car also makes the Spark feels less "breathing" on a steep upward trajectory. Roar of the engine need to work until the above rom 4000-5000. As a result, to maintain momentum following the current speed or face the corner, it is necessary shrewdness plays transmission lever. The good, bad enough to use the transmission lever. Mild and short distance movement between the gear shift, making the process of power distribution to be accurate.

The series of rate freeze with the composition of vent disc (front) and drum (rear) deliver Spark berdeselerasi 80-0 kpj within 36.1 meters and time of 3.4 seconds. Figures are fairly good, in which the standard city car stuck in the 50 meters. Only, Spark Splash kemampaun can not compete, although they do not dilengakpi ABS. Splash kpj 80-0 record in 26.6 meters and stopping time of 2.5 seconds.

Driving  and CONTROL
Facing the condition of roads in the country that bumpy, Chevrolet seems to have to compromise between comfort and durability of suspension. Peredamannya that feels hard in the face of the holes along the way, must be accepted in order to get a better resistance to suspension.

Spark cover up this weakness by giving good quality control. Although the series is still the model hydraulic steering, wheel accuracy nonetheless quite capable. Symptoms appear Mimi body roll when cornering car. However, the use of size 155/70 R14 tires feels less bite, especially when the car was on the track wet. We feel Spark need to widen the palm of wheels.

As an urban car, Spark has a range of light when the pedal is operated. Special note is given about the pedal, especially the clutch pedal. For those who first step on the clutch pedal car, will feel that the pedal is too light as if not connected to the circuit. Similarly, the process of removing.

Other unique things, the clutch pedal can also be taken out by foot, though not to operate the gear shift. At first glance, think that the pedal will fall out. But, this way taken by GM to anticipation for the pedals do not get caught carpet.

Note that was quite disturbing ride comfort, which is ground clearance. Spark is only 132 mm of soil. That is, you need to be careful as the car was on the track perforated or corrugated,

Spark for the Indonesian market is also offered in variants Transformatic. In this model, the transmission can be converted to semi-automatically via a button located on the center console. When operating in a semi-automatic mode, the green light on the button will light and the clutch pedal has no need to step on.

Quite interesting is not it? But, keep in mind, that the gear shift still done manually. How, by pressing the red button on the gear lever, then move to the desired gear position.

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