Thursday, June 16, 2011

Car's Air Conditioner Care Guide

Cleanliness of the toilets in the car, especially the cabin so that no dust or dirt is sucked into the evaporator air conditioner if left over time will clog and the AC is not cold. Besides the air produced is also unhealthy and can cause odor.

Do not smoke in the car because cigarette smoke can cause unpleasant odors and stubborn but also bad for health. Nicotine cigarettes can also contaminate the evaporator. Do not turn on the AC when the car heats, let the engine turn on the AC the new stable. Conversely, when shutting down the engine, turn off the AC first and turn off the ignition. That is, that AC is not heavy workload.

Park your car in the shade so that when driving a car when the back and turn on the AC, AC workload not too heavy. Should not turn on the AC when the car in a parking lot or waiting condition, in addition to gasoline wasteful, old air conditioner will not be long. Make checks / service routine (contents of Freon, drain the condenser, evaporator and other clean) to the workshop every six months or every 25-30 thousand miles.

When a problem is detected there are components that do the replacement right away so as not to cause further damage and cost more.

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