Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tips for Accessories Cars Not Easily Broken

Accessories Cars
FUNCTION electronic items are very diverse, perhaps even still be growing. For example, the telephone application developed into application sending text and picture data. Coupled with integrated Internet network with electronic goods. Seeing the growth of electronic goods this time we must be very clever to care for and maintain electronic goods. In this section, there are a few suggestions for treating elektronikmu goods.

  • Give the wrapping or container that is not exposed to dust. Also keep it away from direct impact. The container should also have holes so that the heat from electronic goods to come out.
  • Use a cloth of delicate materials such as cloth for wiping goggles either screen or any other part.
  • Use a special cleaning fluid / lens cleaner to clean the stain on the screen.
  • Give sufficient time for electronic goods to eliminate the heat after use in a long time.
  • Save electronics in places is quite cool but not damp with humidity can accelerate damage to electronic goods.
  • Avoid contact directly into the sun and heat the rooms. Excessive heat can damage the existing components. Examples of the hot room is the room the car parked in the sun.
  • If you do not understand how to repair electronic items, take it to the service can really be trusted, or product service center.
  • Save your warranty card electronic goods. Generally, you get the chance of maintenance free service or product. This cost-effective way to still be wearing elektronikmu goods.
  • Avoid moving the electronic medium or large in light conditions. Instead, enter into standby or hibernate mode (if any).
  • Keep electronic items of food and beverages. Who knows when the food or beverage can contaminate and even damage the goods elektronikmu. With improved care of the performance of our electronic goods will also be optimized so that it will further facilitate our activities with diverse functions.

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