Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yamaha Jupiter Z

Jupiter Z

 Modif Jupiter Z Champion MP1, Piston More Light 5 Gram

Piston forging a lighter weight than ordinary pistons. Part of this also is a mainstay in the Yamaha Jupiter-Z racing Diaz Kumoro Djati. With heavy compression penggebuk part of lighter fuel room, the engine also received the same treatment.

Piston diameter of 55.25 mm, which supported the brand TDR as a team sponsor, the first podium in the class MotoPrix MP1 in Region II series are easy to reach even this early Yamaha TDR Federal Oil FDR Yonk Jaya's NHK.

According to Heru 'Kate' Hardiyanto as Tunner team based in Bandung, West Java, the excess weight was reduced by about 5 grams. "Although only about 5 grams, but it can affect engine performance," explained the man was friendly.

Engine rpm, especially since lap down easier dikail. Similarly for the lap top. Rpm, the engine so it can play a little higher.

There are other advantages about the application of this piston. According to this man from Jogja, engine temperature tends to be more stable and cool. "Because of light weight, so the machine does not work more like a normal piston wear," told you.

Iya dong, crankshaft does not need to spend extra energy for the push and pull the piston. This condition is advantageous, because the engine performance is maintained. Finally, the engine power is not much worn down despite more than 10 rounds.

But, not many adjustments made ​​in the application that created the model forged pistons that. Especially when talking about compression engine. Because, unlike the previous piston, piston dome forgings has quite short. This condition makes compression not played too high. But, just 13.5: 1.

DURATION peg 270 º

Create Balance lightweight engine performance, magnets also touched. This time, Heru rely on iron plates which were converted into magnet rotor alias. "Weight, 475 grams with 350 grams balancer," he said.

These conditions make the engine has a torque greater. Moreover, setting back the duration of 270 º is supported by LSA (Lobe Separation Angle) 105 º. Then, the head of the umbrella valve cylinder packed diameters 29 mm / 24 mm. EE valve from the understated brand again in diameter. Shot of fuel supported PWK 28 mm Keihin carburetor. Main-jet setup 112 and pilot-jet large enough, namely 62. "Because the motor power lightly, so it takes a bit of input on lap down,"concludes that an alumnus of the faculty of Agriculture Heru Jojga 1990 UPN it.

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