Sunday, July 10, 2011

Will Amy Winehouse Drink Herself To Death?

This week it was three times so drunk that she passed out," quotes the British newspaper " The Sun "a concerned friend of the singer.
Even Amy's lover, the director Reg Traviss (34), supposed to have already drawn conclusions and no longer meet with his girlfriend when she's drunk, the paper reported.

But it seems Amy Winehouse is not interested at all: "Amy is constantly on vodka. She sits at home in north London and drinks himself to unconsciousness. "
Only in May, Winehouse was back in the times can introduce noise into the vodka-addiction clinic in London, "The Priory". Her condition was very critical.
Doctors warned even then that was their "last chance" . It'm already very bad for their health.

Meanwhile, Amy's career is lying idle. Amy Winehouse's latest album is four and a half years old. An advertised originally for 2011 new album is slow in coming - and after a concert debacle in Belgrade, the remaining dates of their European tour deleted.

Since Amy has now a lot of time to drink ...

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