Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why Car Oil Fast Out?

Car Oil
Car oil is one important factor for the continuity of the engine. What should we do when oil suddenly run out quickly? At least there are several causes of why we fast car engine oil is depleted or reduced beyond normal circumstances.

First, there was a leak in the seals and packing on the sidelines of the machine. So that the leak was made ​​dropwise oil wasted during engine combustion process takes place. Another indication, if our car exhaust white smoke when the car is running. It could be because the oil that burned in the combustion process, caused by leakage at the piston ring.

The fix, if it's because of leaks in the seals and packing, will inevitably have to dismantle the machine, to check and replace a new seals and packing if indeed the source of oil leaks from there. Then, compression can also check the car, with the cylinder head to disassemble it. Check whether the condition of the piston ring is qualified or not to hold the oil does not burn chamber infiltrates.

The most common means there are two causes why the oil run out quickly, could be due to a leak or because the oil was also burned in the combustion process because the ring Seker was no longer able to hold oil.

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