Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Simona Ventura Interview Recap

Okay, I admit it: I for Simona Ventura a special veneration . What do I do? I find it exciting, spirited, generous is an artist, one who does not bend and as the saying goes " with attributes ". One of the undisputed queens of our TV, the queen of the RAI, the sovereign excellence Raidue that after conducting a successful sports program " Quelli che il calcio ... ", inherited in 2001 by Fabio Fazio , has decided a change of scenery so commenting " Every ten years I have lived a new beginning: Rai has been my home for so long, I have lived so many important experiences, but there are times when you feel the need to experience new horizons . " The 28 giungno the popular presenter has taken so the decision to leave and move on state television channel Sky satellite pay , following a series of misunderstandings with the leadership of Viale Mazzini, from whom he felt neglected and little valued, especially the last period. Although the company had confirmed for the eleventh year to run the container's Sunday Raidue ( entrusted to Victoria Cabello ) , Simona Ventura feared that " The Island of the Famous ", a program he cares deeply and that she defines the her fourth child, could be removed from the schedule.

" I waited until the last one mentioned, but the direction of the network has not turned up any , "said the hostess, immediately after the announcement of his move to Sky , where the announcement to General Manager Lorenza She declined to comment and why it is very clear. The Director Massimo Liofredi network , however, has always been said in favor of the reality in these words: " And 'a format that must be defended, a product that is between 15 and 16% share and are very conducive to relaunch if the Director General and the Board so decides . " It seems that Liofredi not part of that part of the leadership who rowed against Ventura , but apparently his opinion was not sufficiently considered. So what will become of "The Island of the Famous"? Rai him resurface without his queen, or if it will take him to SuperSIM Sky? In autumn programming Rai 's reality does not appear, the top Sky have not yet decided on this, so it's likely that " The Island of the Famous "go to board or let's say you take a break. Sky , moreover, has other things to think at this moment: his latest purchase and artistic projects that will see the spotlight for two years.

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