Saturday, July 9, 2011

Roberta Bonanno Now Doing Dance Music

Roberta Bonanno back after the experience to " 2008 Friends "(she placed second; ed) and the first self-titled album" Roberta Bonanno ", released in July 2010. The singer lance Tgcom preview the video of the pop-dance song "For a moment, "which anticipates the new record released in the fall. "What was my mistake to Friends? - Reveal - There have been more tolerant."

Why have you chosen as the launch of the single "For a moment?"

And 'the song for our summer 2011! It tells the scent of our strongest memories of moments that can become infinite, let go of the feelings and all this more true in an unexpected pop-dance. It 'released on June 15 and we are delighted that you like it so much and that is already running very well on the radio and even a disco!

What happened during the recording of the video?

It 'a wonderful thing happened! We shot at sunset on the beach during the filming and have approached so many guys who have followed the curious workmanship. The involvement of music and talented dancers Module Project has been such that others have joined together to dance with us and took part in the video.

Can you tell us something of the new album due out in October?

It was not expected. I came out just last year with an album with 11 unreleased, all more beautiful than the one that gave me lots of satisfaction and I am still wearing, but we have so many ideas and I want to sing so much that I can not resist to produce more innovations. It will be another great leap forward in my career.

What has the experience to friends left?

Both! He gave me the opportunity to make myself known to the general public and to introduce me into the world of the music industry. It 'was also a nice experience at the human level, I learned to know myself better through others. Is there any error that would not do again? "hindsight" (as says one of my songs) I would be more tolerant, I a hell of a temper! That's better and who knows ... perhaps because the experience with Mary. Who did you stay in touch? With several boys of my edition and other editions. In particular, Simonetta Spiri e Antonino Swordsman. Two great artists and great friends. But every now and then with the Charter Mark we send a message there cute!

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