Friday, July 15, 2011

Nicki Minaj Fights Back With Some Harsh Words

Only yesterday was reported that Nicki Minaj (26), whose cousin a week ago killed , was brought in a loud and palpable conflict with a previously unknown man a bloody lip did. Now it turned out, according to police report, that it is Assistant to the attacker Minajs Safaree Samuels acted. However, it should not come to blows, in turn, insists the 26-year-old. Yes, as for now?

So first things first: On Twitter commented Nicki, shortly after the media got wind of the incident, angry over the publicity and denies everything. That people actually believe they would not fight if someone beats her, the rapper's really angry. "You think so seriously that I can beat a man? Would have to be removed on a stretcher after having his eggs! The media you could pee on you and looking to make, it would rain. You would still actually believe that you are adopted Martians, if TMZ is told you! " Since Minaj making than with harsh words to be throwing rapper but all honor. But when everything was so harmless, why then tells the police report something else? Now just got to TMZ in the hands of Nicky and published statement. Accordingly, it should have gone on in the hotel room after the controversy around the pool. Nicki allegedly rummaged in her bag, because it still had things their assistants. . Samuel vigorously attacked according to the bag and threw it against her chin and lower lip , "This is their teeth drilled from inside the mouth and caused a hemorrhage." Conclusion: dispute - Yes, beatings - No. But why it came to display their assistants and she is now there to protect, probably only knows itself Nicki

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