Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun With Art Color Design

suzuki shogun 125 sp under this modification I get a pretty hard. Because suzuki shogun 125 sp is still a bit of the modification and the spread on the Internet. perhaps modification suzuki shogun's image is similar to other weblogs That have made the post about The modifications suzuki shogun 125 sp. what's Important note I have a post That Also contains the modifications suzuki shogun 125 sp.

I have three pictures MODIF suzuki shogun 125 sp Which Pls is roughly the image of the motor modification in the title contest. The best picture is the number three. Because I see a modification of the bike is very unique and beautiful clean look to the eye and have a high selling value. Because the price of the modification of the motor is more expensive than the original motor from the factory.

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