Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lola Creton: A Young Girl in Love

In the kind that kills Wednesday, Lola Creton is strong! At 17, she faces a double burden: on one hand, the catch tray S, missed by a hair, and the other the film she is the heroine, "a young love." Next film, in any case is already won for the teenager in Paris, remarkable in the third feature film by Mia Hansen-Love

"Why are you crying? "Biolay was hooked **Monica Bellucci: "All the board was in love with De Niro" She plays Camille, 15, passionately in love with Sullivan, 19, to the point of seeing in him the man of her life and wanting to commit suicide when he leaves. Finally, she saw, studying, loves another, found Sullivan, and grows ... A child of the gentle, the film tells the heart smart girls and the passage of time, providing an ideal setting for the grace of Lola Creton. Child of the ball, tells a beautiful childhood spent behind the scenes with parents' theater actors and dubbing. " "I made ​​my first cast to 9-10 years, I started by using a film and after, I could not stop! Is more than a job is a need.

The shooting is the only place I'm not lost, "says the dreamy view in" Children of Timpelbach "or the" Bluebeard "by Catherine Breillat. Filmed last summer, "a young love" made ​​him a little scared "because of the nudity," even if his parents had, rightly, "absolute confidence in Mia." On arrival, Lola sees Camille's "opposite naive and idealistic." On the screen, will be found July 27 in "In Town" and Mréjen Valerie Bertrand Schefer. Until then, it will have started the new film from Olivier Assayas, "After May," the spring of 1968. Actress for good? Maybe. If she won the damn tank, it has also enroll in art history and archeology. "This is where it starts to get interested! Of course, after it I will have to choose, but life goes on ... "Yes, it is believed that, at 17.

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