Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Liza Minelli: This Is Not New York, New York

The American artist was in the Monday night concert at the Olympia . The opportunity to return to his life in five songs.

Liza Minnelli has been elevated to an Officer of the Legion of Honor and described as a "priestess of the music hall" by Frederic Mitterrand, the Minister of Culture and Communication. This Monday, July 11 evening, she performed on stage at the Olympia, returning to a musical repertoire that goes back to the mid-60s. But beyond New York, New York , Liza Minnelli, what is it? Here's a possible answer, in five titles.

1. It's Just a Matter of Time is one of the first album of the singer, Liza! Liza! (1964). She is 18 and his first steps on Broadway, including Best Foot Forward , the musical by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane.

2. My Mammy . From his fifth album under the same name, (1968), the song is a famous American song, taken up by twenty artists, including Cher and Kenny Rogers. It was written in 1918 by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young, and performed by Walter Donaldson.

3. God Bless The Child is a cover of Billie Holiday (1939). It is interpreted in the album New Feelin ' in 1970. At that time, Liza Minnelli's getting a box on Broadway and in film. It will include two Golden Globe Awards for his role in Pookie two years later.

4. Losing My Mine . An extract of Results , an album a bit unusual since it was produced by the Pet Shop Boys. Hence synth sounds outdated today. But fun ...

5. I Must Have That Man is from the latest album of the singer. While the artist continues to tour with the release of a live DVD in 2009, Confessions , released a year later, marked the comeback of Liza Minnelli in the studio.

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