Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lady Gaga To Guest Judge on So You Think You Can Dance?

Lady Gaga has projects in mind. New album, new tour and new project! tells you all about Lady Gaga the singer who will participate in a dance contest!

Lady Gaga has sometimes wacky ideas. As proof, Lady Gaga took a picture in his toilet ! Not as glamorous decor is not it? If the new album by Lady Gaga does not work as well as the previous one, there is no doubt that the music and choreography are successful! Lady Gaga has decided to continue down a path that works. Lady Gaga will soon join the jury of the American show So You Think You Can Dance. worry says more about the program and the role of Lady Gaga.

Honored in Taiwan, Lady Gaga will be probably also on the set of the show So You Think You Can Dance. This American show produced by the channel Fox wants to find the best dancer of the United States. But how to choose the lucky winner? For this, a ruthless jury noted the performance of candidates. And this jury will be found among Lady Gaga, asked in a TV special! Lady Gaga has a reputation for being very demanding in its services. There is no copy of it will be a juror! Lady Gaga on the jury of a dance contest what do you think?
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