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  • pani_6
    03-17 02:24 PM
    I got AP..and H1B till 09..I am hoping to reenter using AP while comming back from india..Apart from AP do I require anything else. like employement letter to reenter the contry??..

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  • lonelystar
    10-02 10:28 AM
    Thank you for your reply.
    Even my check is not cashed yet!
    Do you know how long it took for the check to get cashed for your friend?

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  • sourabh27
    06-29 02:42 PM
    I am stuck in a similar situation in Mumbai. It is the 4th week running.
    when did you finally get yours done ?

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  • harikapraveen
    07-25 12:00 PM
    Your assumption is not right.

    Your visa must have a validity date. You can travel out without any problem as long as your travel dates are within that VISA validity date.

    No problem if you are not willing to travel..and want to stay in USA. If your H1 is about to expire...then make sure it is extended.


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  • whattodo21
    07-22 09:09 AM (

    Itis the first court hearing in the Obama administration's lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law, a case that sets up a rare clash between the U.S. Department of Justice and an individual state over one of the nation's most divisive political issues

    Wonder what this lawsuit will bring to immigration reform discussion?

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  • colemancol
    12-09 02:16 PM
    You can not (lawfully) re-enter on an H1B, as you're out of status. If you get caught lying at the border, you will be turned back and will likely be permanently barred from entering the U.S. You'll want to re-enter on an H4 visa - you dont need an H4 petition, although obviously you'll need to qualify for the H4, so be prepared to document your spouse's H1 approval and valid status.
    Are you stating that you were laid off (thus overstaying), or that you were benched without pay (meaning your employer should have been paying you)? With more than 90 days out-of-status, you may have triggered a period of ineligibility to re-enter the U.S.
    Given the apparent overstay issue, I suggest consulting an immigration lawyer.
    Hope you find these information valuable.


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  • Sven
    April 28th, 2007, 07:22 PM
    Bob is right. Don't buy anything from any camera shop in Brooklyn. Those package deals are not deals at all. They are a huge scam designed to steal your hard earned $ and leave you so frustrated at their total lack of customer service that you give up. If the price of any equipment is considerably less than B&H, Amazon, Adorama, or J&R, stay away. The stuff you'll get in that package will not be what you think it is. Anytime you want to know about the reputation of a place, check out this website:

    Before I knew about these things, I got taken for a ride. It was so bad that I involved the good folks from Visa. Their lawyer delt with them and I did get my $ back. But it took a year before the case was resolved. So listen to Bob. Bob is right.


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  • asanghi
    11-16 05:22 PM
    My wife and I, and the group I helped to start, American Families United (, was featured in this story in the New York Times here:

    Hi Randall
    I have read about you in some articles in the media. I can appreciate the frustration you might be facing with the backlog affecting your wife's green card.
    I think as a citizen your efforts carry more weight than immigrants. Also you can reach out to more citizens.

    I also signed up for the pledge drive. Too bad it didn't work out. However I really appreciate your efforts for taking up this issue.


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  • zeal2005
    03-02 01:31 PM
    Its hard to say what is SAME OR SIMILAR. I am stuck up with the same issue. My GC was filed for the position of Software Engineer and I changed the job with same responsibilities but job title is Project Manager. My attorney is not comfortable with that even though the responsibiities are same in the new job.
    Its better not take this AC21 path unless you are 100% sure that your new job is same as the old job.
    Experts please advise.

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  • greencard_fever
    06-25 06:09 PM
    Hi All,

    First of all Congrats! to all people who are eligible to file 485 in july..

    i have strage problem..i am not weather its a problem or not..i have filed my GC in 2004 December and you all know that after that the BEC process came in every thing went to BEC's..and i had no hope on that file and i asked my employer to process my GC under PERM process in 2006 april and i got the Labor and I-140 approved in 6 months...and mean while i got the 2004 labor approved in Feb 2007 and asked my employer which one will be the best and he recommended me apply for I-140 for 2004 labor and wait untill the dates become current and he was expecting the 2004 will become we have applied for I-140 for 2004 labor on May 1st 2007 and the status is my questios is..

    1) Is there is any problem if i use the 2004 labor and apply for I-485.

    2) When attorney file for I-140 did they mention any where in that forms that i do not have any immigration petiton has been submited before?

    3) If they mention no (miss communication) and applied for I-140 for 2004 labor but in fact there is a petition (I-140) submited for me for my 2006 labor.will this be a problem for my 485 approval?

    4) which one will be the best for me to use now 2004 or 2006?

    5) I spoke to my attorney on this and he said as long as you have not filed for 485 for 2006 labor then there is no harm.But i am concernet about that if my attorney (2004 labor) mentioned that i have not submited any immigartion petition when he filed for I-140,which is not correct since i have appled for I-140 for 2006 labor will that be a problem for my I-485 process?

    you help on this is greately appreciated

    Thanks in advance!


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  • sra_scorpio
    12-15 11:43 PM
    Here is my situation and below are my question...

    Entry to US - 08/14/2005
    Petiton is valid till 06/17/2011 (and I have vacation time of 4 weeks).
    Labor applied on EB2 category on 09/23/2010
    EB2 labor Audit replied in June 2009.
    H1B extension based on pending labor applied on 12/03/2010.
    EB2 labor denied on -12/13/2010.


    What will happen to my H1B extension? and what time it will get extended?or what action should we take?

    Do I need to re-appeal the labor that has been denied ,apply for H1B extension and wait to get clear the 7th year extension (thruogh premium? from June 2011 to June 2012).

    Can I apply for EB2 or EB3?(which would be best in my scenario, I think i still have time if 7th year H1B extension is approved).

    Can we apply EB2 even after we appeal previous labor which is also on EB2 category ? or do we have to withdraw old EB2 labor and then re-apply again on EB2?

    Please help me with the above questions and I really appreciate your help in this regard.

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  • ajaykk
    11-08 01:18 PM


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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-25 01:50 PM
    When we use the recent I94 (from the H1), do we need to say "were you inspected by an immigration officer?" as "yes"?
    The start date for this should be the date of entry at the airport or the start date on the recent I94?
    First question answer is "Yes" though you got new H1/H4 or any other visa extension papers the I-94 will be same which intially inspected by an immigration officer. That's why answer is Yes.
    The start date is the time when you enter the country.

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  • little_willy
    03-06 04:39 PM
    To quote from the article

    "Hira said that grass-roots groups seeking reforms don't have the money or celebrity support that can turn attention to their concerns. But what they lack in money can be offset to some extent in numbers and effort, he said."

    Exactly the same concern IV is facing today. We need more members and more money. In essence, please do your bit to support IV.


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  • zico123
    06-21 06:54 PM
    Now if I want to go back to Company A, do I need to transfer my H1B again?
    Company A has not cancelled my H1 and I am in good terms with them.
    Even if A didnt cancel H1 the comp A will have to apply for transfer.

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  • svr_76
    06-04 04:17 PM
    How to interpret this inventory doc? I am from india (EB3 PD Sep-2003) Should I sumup all the count prior to my PD to get the total number of cases before me (PD wise)?


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  • fishjelly
    09-08 03:53 AM
    I am not using Silverlight, just using Visual Studio 2005....
    I use Response.Redirect("previous_page.aspx");
    this make the page load again so cannot display back the previous view...
    There is really no other methods in C# without javacript?

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  • guyh
    07-22 04:42 PM
    Hi my wife is missing her birth certificate can i aplly with all the rest of the documents and send it in later beacause it can take some time to find it in russia or any other suggestions thanks

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  • ninigini
    10-20 07:01 PM
    Good evening,

    I am currently in the United States and in the process of changing my Q1 into a F1 visa.

    My contract with the Q1 visa unexpedently ended in June 2009 and the visa was expiring on the 17th of september 2009.
    I sent the file with all the papers to the USCIS before the end of the expiration date and is still in process at this time.
    I heard that i can not exceed the period of 180 days after my last day of work with my Q1 Visa.. Is this true ?
    I was thinking by the time i filed everything before the end of my Q1 visa, i could stay in the United States until the approval or denial of my F1 visa...
    if this is true :
    1. Do I have to wait in France for the answer of the USCIS, or my case will be cancelled and I have to start all oveer again in France ?

    2. If I do not stay more than 180 days, going back to France and coming back for exemple 1 week after to the US with a tourist visa, am I able to change my status to F-1 ?

    3. If i receive an approval answer from USCIS after a few days that I've been back in France, will it be valid ? Can it be sent to me ?

    4. Do I have to get a new I-20 from the university if I am starting the process in France, or the one that I have is still valid ?

    Could you help me please, beause i am confused...:confused:
    Thanking you by advance for your answer

    09-07 02:34 PM
    I called USCIS to know the status of my I765 and I131 and came to know it got rejected because of sign missing on the form as i had filed my 485 with my EAD and AP i got my 485 receipt month back.

    And USCIS said they have mailed my returned application on 13th aug but i have not received it yet.I called USCIS and they said that i can refile it again after 30days if i don't receive my package. Can i file on my own i do have the LIN number for rejected application.Can i file online

    please suggest

    I have no answer but sometimes it is good to have an attorney when filing first time, where we can depend on them for these situations.

    05-24 05:21 AM
    Yes but I was thinking, spouse and children are counted in family based visas and how exempting them will benefit EB visas. Correct me if I'm wrong. :confused:

    At present the dependents are counted in the EB cap...So the number 140K for EB is principal applicant+dependents combined...This bill exclude all dependents of EB from any cap...(But the country limits still apply I guess)...

    FB and EB cap got nothing to do with each other..

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