Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Anders �stberg
    December 13th, 2003, 11:49 AM
    I took this really lousy picture that should have been discarded
    as I couldn't get a good photo out of it. I thought I'd try something
    different in Photoshop anyway, I need the practice...

    Here's a scaled down original of a bird taking a bath:

    and here's a watercolor like effect that was the result:

    What do you say, is this convincing, and worth pursuing?


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  • Steve Mitchell
    December 17th, 2003, 02:18 PM
    Great job. More of the power of digital photography and post processing.

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  • chanduv23
    06-04 01:33 PM
    Please close this thread - no use

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  • pointlesswait
    04-08 01:25 AM
    My second 140 may be approved by this month end.. Neb-Nov. 08-filing... i am hoping i will be able to port my 12-05 case i lose my job... and since i am in my 9th yr-h1..which expires may-2010..

    suppose ..i cant find a job ...and if i have to leave US.....(but my employer agrees not to cancel my 140)
    a.) what should i do to retain my GC process?
    b.) How do i switch to CP processing....

    Thanks in advance..


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  • dartkid31
    05-30 10:42 AM
    Interesting article regarding how a Utah congressional primary could affect the Senate House conference on CIR.

    It looks like the anti-immigrant groups are pumping money into the campaign of a Tancredo clone in an attempt to unseat a pro-immigrant Republican Congressman.
    Mr. Throckmorton benefited from $80,000 in radio and billboard ads donated by anti-immigration groups upset by Mr. Cannon's strong support of a guest-worker approach.
    The anti-immigration groups are probably counting on a loss by the incumbent congressman to help convince other House Republicans that opposing S 2611 would help their reelection chances
    A loss by Mr. Cannon would have profound political consequences. Conservative activist Grover Norquist has called the Utah congressman "the president's strongest ally in maintaining a pro-immigrant GOP." Mr. Cannon has long been one of the few members to point out the genuine need the U.S. economy has for new workers. He has publicly chided some of his colleagues for "demagoguing the immigration issue--some to raise money, some for attention." He has pointed out that some anti-immigration groups have ties to environmental and population-control extremists.

    If they succeed, CIR would probably go nowhere this year, or would get most of the pro-immigrant sections stripped out in conference. From the looks of it, these groups are pulling out all the stops. Just goes to show what we are up against.

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  • rkanth12
    10-07 10:06 PM
    I have applied for my extension of H1B at Vermont Center. my first three years on H1b expired on Sep 8th. The application was filed on July 20th and it is normal processing. I have my H1b and H4 receipts with me, but its not yet approved. I am planning to take B1 visa appointment for my mother. Shall i send my mother to B1 stamping with H1B receipt.

    Does Chennai consulate will accept H1b receipt for Visitor Visa or Shall we wait for H1b Approval? thanks in Advance....


    Yes. I used for twice for two different people. No problem.


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  • kirupa
    01-22 08:25 PM
    Hey wp7t3,
    How familiar are you with creating apps in Blend? If you are not very familiar, I would strongly suggest looking through the tutorials found in the Basics / Overview section:

    They should provide you with a basic understanding of how to add controls to your project, make some tweaks to them, etc.

    Let me know if you still are stuck :)

    Kirupa :ogre:

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  • Anders �stberg
    February 11th, 2004, 06:46 AM
    The ceiling of this walkway is hard to look at, it keeps flipping over into a cone
    that points towards me... what do you think?


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  • rdehar
    10-05 04:19 PM

    direct image URL:

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  • lonedesi
    07-27 01:59 PM
    Thank you WeShallOvercome for the link. I happened to overlook the FAQs which USCIS released few days back.


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  • subba
    01-03 03:10 PM
    In general, I see a lot of members quoting stuff that indicates shortage of tech workers and saying we should use them.

    While this is true, it is worth understanding/appreciating the fact that most of these articles are aimed towards increasing H1 quota and not necessarily improving EB retrogression.

    We should be a little careful which articles we use.


    The following is an article I read and want to share with fellow GC seekers. This clearly indicates that there is a real big need for Tech workers in US and companies are finding difficult to fill the vacancies.

    I hope IV may be able to get in touch with researcher and get more detailed information. This may also help them while meeting House Reps and Congressmen.


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  • reachvenu
    12-07 08:45 PM
    Pls provide this option so thatwho does not want to registor can also send fax


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  • sagi9
    01-12 06:30 PM
    Whichever petition is latter is valid.

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-02 09:00 PM
    As of May 29, 2009, approximately 45,800 H-1B cap-subject ( and approximately 20,000 petitions qualifying for the advanced degree cap exemption had been filed. USCIS will continue to accept both cap-subject petitions and advanced degree petitions until a sufficient number of H-1B petitions have been received to reach the statutory limits, taking into account the fact that some of these petitions may be denied, revoked, or withdrawn.

    Since it is probable that there will still be H-1B ( numbers available after June 30, U.S. employers should submit H-1B petitions for potential workers as soon as possible.

    More... (


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  • babo
    07-31 11:20 AM
    Good point.. no harm in sending extra info.

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  • smarth
    10-22 11:07 PM

    If I enter using H1-B/L1visa then I-94 validity end date will be ususally till the visa expiration date.

    Suppose if I am entering US on Advanced Parole(I-131), what will be the validity enddate for I-94? If suppose they give for 1 year how to extend that if i am not going out-off US?



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  • jsb
    11-02 04:26 PM
    My labour was filed for a software engineer position (java, udb, etc) 3 years ago. Over that time, my role has changed to a project manager. Infact I don't do any coding anymore. If I invoke AC21 after 180 days, can I switch to a Project Manager position?
    These are two different skills, unless you can manage to have job description of your new job to be the same as in LC. Or you can leave it the way it is, provided your employer intends to hire you as a software engineer upon approval of LC, and you intend to accept it. In the meantime, do whatever you want - project management or anything unrelated.

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  • needhelp!
    09-26 05:40 PM
    Texas members only, please.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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  • rajuram
    01-01 02:58 PM
    I was hoping there would be some motivation from the IV core team for "mere mortals" like keep us going in the new year...

    03-08 02:06 PM
    I applied for 3 year H1B extension for different employer
    Atty ,filed wrong Date of Birth in I-129 form.
    How to correct this problem??
    Atty said, they will inform USCIS after get the Receipt Notice.Is it corrct ??
    I will appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you.

    February 3rd, 2004, 10:51 AM
    That little sucker looks to be one heck of a feature packed little camera. If you did not think about FF and pro stuff this would make the consumer camera one real tough decision! Nice little camera!

    2,000 images on one battery/one charge - impressive. The battery looks oh so close to the BP-511 - just not quite the same as to be interchangable. Why, why, why? ;) The world has enough battery form-factors already.

    Odd that it's has a minimum ISO 200.

    Overall the specs look really good. No samples images to look at yet, tho'.

    OK, Canon, now let's have "the rest of the story". What else have you got for us, now that you've seen the other player's hand?


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