Saturday, July 2, 2011

Install Radio Communications on Car Modification

THE jungle explorer or offroader already plural equip their car modification with radio communication equipment. With radio communications, the driver can notify each other or ask for help if any member of the team that lost, stuck mud or experiencing engine trouble.

Radio communication device can also be used for cars that are not offroader. The benefit is quite large because the driver can ask the condition of traffic lane to be crossed, the weather or just say hello break the ice with fellow users of communication radios. If traveling out of town, uses radio communication will be more pronounced again. This type of communication radios for cars vary greatly.

In general, radio communication, typical car owner is divided into dual band and single band. Single band can only be used for VHF (Very High Frequency) while the dual band VHF and UHF can (Ultra High Frequency). Prices vary considerably, depending on brand and features.

Each car has a certain degree of difficulty in installation. Since radio communication mounted on the dashboard, you should select devices that are compact and powerful. Because radio communication that is mounted shocks will inevitably face when we drive. Brands that are known to be safer than a new brand. Both the quality and ease of its service. Transmit power of radio communication has also become one of the things to consider.

As an illustration, the radio communication device with 60 watts of transmit power can cover an area of ​​20-50 km depending on the position and the listener. Try to go in and ask the speaker to report reception and sound quality. To be more perfect. Do also check by placing the SWR (standing wave ratio) meter between the radio antenna. If it stands at 1.2 to 1.4, meaning the antenna and radio have been perfect emittance

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