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  • beautifulMind
    11-02 07:26 PM
    HR of my Company screwed up with the content of the EB2 Ad posted in sunday newspaper. To save money they posted a partial AD with a link to the job listing on the companys website saying "Please goto this link for further information".....

    Would this be ok?

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  • chanduv23
    12-11 06:48 AM
    Please contribute

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  • someoneincalif
    05-21 01:34 AM
    Folks, here are some lobbying and action items that will be very useful.

    1) Try reaching out to your American friends/managers/colleagues and ask them to call Senators.

    2) Universities are missing in action here. They are major beneficiaries of high-skilled immigration, because graduate school is typical first step. They must be concerned with not only the fact that special categories for researchers/professors is gone but also that lot fewer students from India and China will labor in their labs. COUNCIL OF GRADUATE EDUCATION is a good place to start.

    3) Someone please write and op-ed piece of NY Times. They are pretty sympathetic to these kind of issues. A major criteria for publication in the op-ed section is that the topic should be current. The plight of legal immigrants can't get more current that this. Any op-ed piece will get major exposure to our plight. Here is a link on how to contribute to NYT op-ed:
    The op-ed should not be complaining in tone, but rather show the value of having a proper high-skilled immigration reform for the American economy.

    4) Where are those powerful desis we see on rediff? There are many desi executives, board members. They regularly dole out money to campaigns. If they can't put a word for us now, when will they do? After all most of them went through this process.

    These are only some ideas on how we can cause at least some ripples. Please contribute more and put some in to action.

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  • bbenhill
    08-18 09:46 AM
    For your condition, I believe for #15 is AOS pending .. you will lose your H1/H4 status when you entered using AP.

    not sure about #14, I think it's PAROLEE.



    I looked at different forums. But I could not locate a definite answer for my questions.

    I have H1. My wife has H4. Both will expire in 11/2009. I don't have stamp
    but she has stamp. We both used AP to enter into USA recently. We did not use our EAD.

    Questions on EAD paper filing :

    14) Manner of Last Entry into the U.S. ?
    15) Current Immigration status ?

    I believe that the answer to the question 14 should be PAROLEE or Advance Porole. How about question 15 ?

    The immigration officer put 'Conditions: AOS DA' in our AP and new I-94 both. What will be the answer, AOS Pending or H1B/H4 ?

    Please share your experience. Thanks in advance.


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  • singqor
    06-06 08:44 PM
    Hi guys,

    We have been trying to talk to somebody consequential at the US Embassy in New Delhi because of a medical emergency. My wife and son both are in India. My son, who is a US citizen requires immediate medical assistance in US. Unfortunately, my wife does not have any visa at this moment because of some technicalities.

    We are trying to contact somebody from the embassy staff who can assist us in getting an emergency visa appointment. we tried to call the numbers given on their website, but we are only able to reach low level operators who simply redirect us to another automatic voice mail number. Also, writing to their email address is not proving anymore helpful. Mostly we don't even get any reply to our emails. Sometimes we simply get some automatic response to our emails which is not at all relevant to our requests.

    So if anybody has any direct number/email of some senior embassy staff, please forward it to us. It will be really helpful for us.

    Thanks, and God bless you all.

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  • milind70
    03-12 04:06 AM
    I would suggest that take an info pass and meet an immigration officer and explain the situation to him personally and if possible given him a written explanation too. What i find a little wired that when you applied for extension you did not notice that that I 94s got exhanchged and even if you did you went ahead and applied for extansion. In my opinion never apply for extension as the applicants next visit is in jeopordy irrespective of result of extnsion of i 94 .


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  • smurugan
    12-07 10:12 AM

    My situation is like this:

    I have 3 months left in my 6th year of H1B. LC and I-140 got approved and presently my employer has filed for an extension of H1B for 3 years.

    Once I get the 3-year extension, can I change jobs? I understand that my GC process resets, and I am ok with that. I am planning to get the H1B (valid for another 3 years) transferred to the new employer and would join them only after they get the I-797 (with 3 year validity)

    If my present employer revokes I-140, can I legally stay in the country on the 3-yr H1B (new employer)? Or do I lose my status and have to immediately exit the country? I am not worried about retaining my PD.

    Could you pls share your experiences in this and I would request suggestion on this. Request your help.


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  • senk1s
    11-15 09:27 AM
    not even close to chronological order ... i know someone hwo applied in sept to nebraska got it ...
    also check for numerous sept and even a few Oct approvals.

    We are scheduled for infopass ...will see how that goes.


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  • ksairi
    08-15 11:03 AM
    I am in MD and 140- is already approved, 485 filed on 12th July at Nebraska, where to file EAD and 131. ?

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  • trexx7
    10-02 04:17 PM
    Just bumping..


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  • LCtank
    09-12 03:43 PM
    Illegals are another story, and now we need to focus on the legals, as all efforts trying to bind legal and illegal together turned out to be failure completely.

    While we can keep an eye on these articles - these are coming up to counter our efforts.

    Lets keep the focus on.

    I would only say - IV is for legal immigrants, for those who have maintained legal status and have played by the rules.

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  • kirupa
    10-10 08:28 PM
    Hi psychman,
    One way would be to iterate over all of the MultiScaleSubImages during load and store their ViewportOrigins and ViewportWidths. If I have time, I will try to see if I can create an example of it :)



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  • jsauni
    11-26 01:21 AM
    I think the System.Windows.Forms is only for Windows Forms not Web Forms. You want something like

    pnSummary.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.Groove;

    You can find more BorderStyle's here (

    I'm not sure about the panel web control having (or similar) location and autosize properties.

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  • sbmallik
    11-12 09:11 AM
    I-140 belongs to the employer only, so it is up-to them to disclose the details. Unless you change employer without using AC21 clause, I-140 details won't be necessary.


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  • saturn12
    02-13 11:53 PM

    I am a EB3 candidate I 485 filed and green card pending,priority date is January 2007.My husband is also on EAD filed I 485 together and I am the principal applicant.He wants to own a sub way franchisee with his valid EAD ,please let me know if he can take up a sub way franchisee.

    Thanking you,

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  • bskrishna
    12-17 03:51 PM
    The last report was somewhere in September 2007. Good to see that they have cleared July 07 bump in processing the 485s. they have nearly taken 29 months to clear it up.


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  • stillhowlong
    12-28 03:53 PM

    I just wanted to check that how many years of experience required for EB2 for a bachelor degree holder. I heard earlier it was 5 years but now the uscis has changed or planning to change to 10 years. Please clarify this.


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  • newbie2020
    04-28 09:43 AM
    Here are few pending immigration bills which have a higher chances of passing in both house and senate. I was looking at some of the bills and noticed when a bill (or a varient )is introduced in both houses simultaneously the chances of that bill passing are higher.

    This may be a good idea for us to try pushing some of the EB related measures if we can
    into these bills. I know someone may say Hey these are family related bills But remember how they add the immigration, healthcare, veteran measures into budget or appropriation bills.....similarly we can try.

    1 . Uniting American Families Act of 2009 (Introduced in Senate)[S.424.IS]
    2 . Uniting American Families Act of 2009 (Introduced in House)[H.R.1024.IH]

    This bill and varient were introduced in both house and senate. Note: It touches the

    SEC. 4. NUMERICAL LIMITATIONS ON INDIVIDUAL FOREIGN STATES This is one item we always talk about removing the country limits......

    The other bills in progress are

    3 . Immigration Fraud Prevention Act of 2009 (Introduced in House)[H.R.1992.IH]
    4 . Immigration Fraud Prevention Act of 2009 (Introduced in Senate)[S.577.IS]

    5 . To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to exempt surviving spouses of United States citizens from the numerical limitations described in section 201 of such Act. (Introduced in Senate)[S.815.IS]
    6 . To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide for relief to surviving spouses and children. (Introduced in House)[H.R.1870.IH]

    Any thoughts.....

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  • buddyinus
    09-16 02:08 PM

    (San Jose rally pictures and videos, and Aman's messages from Milpitas, CA meeting can be found at (

    cheers, and see ya'll in DC!

    LOL...Plz change the title to "I Need u". The current title implies something else :D

    11-08 12:57 AM
    Well I have been waiting for a reply, seems like no one has answered my question. Can someone please post some suggestions. urgent

    09-28 03:19 PM
    They don't update the online status often..some time years ..i talked to IO regarding this issue..they said, they don't have enough resources ...I also suggested to make them the "Online Status Check" to "Offline Status Check " ..No worry..Lets all take oath, not to check this online...I don't do it..

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